Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stitcher's angel gifts are off!

I've sent off the 3 finished stitched items to Tiel in the Netherlands yesterday. The chicken pincushion on the left also has a saddle called wings, that holds a small pair of sewing scissors, which I also was able to find, so I sent them in it. (Of course they were blue and purple colored sewing scissors too.) A spool of thread, package of needles or a tube of beads also could be held safely in the pockets of the wings. What ever a needlewoman would want. It was really enjoyable to make this pincushion and not too hard to complete. I loved sewing the beads on and was surprised on how the chicken gained it's personality when it was finished. I also sent the 5/4 apron in the blues and purples that I pictured in a previous post. Cuny, the stitcher's angel friend, mentioned she loved blues and purples, so I was able to stitch that apron for her too.

The candy dish I was able to do relatively quickly and I also filled it with my favorite chocolates.... REISEN. I actually purchased this container when a local department store was closing their doors forever, and it may well be at least 15 years that I've stored it so I get to continue my stash busting as well. Glad to finally have a purpose and to give it to someone who loves blues is even nicer! I don't think I've ever completed 3 items so quickly or not since I was in my 20's anyways. It seems like all the projects I do now are so large that it takes me months if not a year or two to get them completed. Of course I won't mention how many UFO's are about 10 years old or so!

Yesterday I was really hurting because of my back injury. I vacuumed my house but boy am I ever paying for it. Was able to get DH to help carry and lift things, but even with a transmission on my Kirby vacuum helping with it's movements it still bothered me. I know if I left it for DH to get done, he would find no fault in using the hand held vac and do spot vacuumming (which he usually does) but this has been getting me twisted each time I see it, so I had to do something! Some things a man can't do the same, no matter how he tries!

Now that I've met that deadline for the angels gifts think I'll either continue making the woven star table runner that was started as you can see by the pics, OR pull out a pre- kitted item I've had boxed for years. I purchased the pattern and fabrics when the Quilting Bee in Glens Falls was still open about 6-7 years ago. Some of the fabrics are more clothing style of fabrics with polyesters and blends which I picked up in the local Joanns when this area had one. It should work out perfectly since the pattern is of Dracula in a coffin. Perfect if I could get it completed by Halloween! I'll probably do that one. The style is similiar to the santa wallhanging by Debbie Mumm that really pushed my addiction into quilting......the rest is history or so it's said!

Well, have to run, DH and I are going to visit our PGS, age 14, this afternoon. He's away at a school for autitstic children and I promised we be there today with the requested Burgers from a fast-food place that he's been craving besides some other goodies he wants us to bring. Enjoy your day, I know I'll enjoy mine (even with the aches).


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Edna said...

Your woven runner looks very interesting. Where did you find the directions? I'd love to try one of these!