Monday, October 20, 2008

Whirlwind of a weekend!

It was a very busy weekend. But it really started last week! We have the youngest grandchild here 3 days a week since she is in Nursery School. Her Mom works at the local hospital and as a supervisor, had to work this past weekend too. The Operating room was being moved into a newly constructed area. SO we had PGD stay Friday night with us. Not too bad, she was only up twice in the night, and yelling, MEMEEE, MEMEEEE! Obviously my name. SO up and got her settled. Next morning, she has Dance class at 9:00 am 1/2 hour away. And of course pancakes are what is wanted for breakfast (It's the usual request from all the grandchildren). So make pancakes, breakfast and then to get the little one dressed. She thinks it's a game! Running around saying I can't catch her. Finally dressed in her leotard and tights, Ooops! The tights are suppose to go first. Undo all and get her to the bathroom, then to redo the dressing. Game all over again. By this time I'm exhausted! Finally dresses, off to dance class. Such an angel. Does everything the dance instructor tells her. I'm complemented on what a wonderful child she is (and she really is!, but this morning I'm not so sure. Maybe it was the sleep that was interupted in the night?) ANyways, off to Walmart to get a couple of items needed. Then home. We are going to make cupcakes, have lunch then a Nap is what I have planned. She had other ideas. Cupcakes, lunch, play dollies, play grocery store. go outside to play, DH is in garage changing the oil on truck, going to the recycle center and making something in his garage. Hmmm... I still haven't done one thing for me yet today! He's read his newspaper, read his email and I haven't had time for even a simple bathroom break. I start resenting this. SO, it's now about 3:30 pm and still no nap for PGD . I talk PGD into going to play with Papi. My husband looks like he is a deer in headlamps. Watches her for 7 minutes and then has the audacity to ask me to watch her so he can go to the bathroom! At this point I'm ready to pull out my hair. Enter preciuos grandson from next door. He starts giving me his input on what I am doing, that I need to go watch PGD on the swing. Just what I wanted to hear at this point! Well I survived the day and was glad when daughter came home to pick her up. I think I went to bed by 7:30pm.

Sunday was much better, spending time with friends and traveling to a neighboring state to attend a small bead show and have lunch in a little bistro. Now this is a much smoother day and just what the Dr. ordered.

I do love my family and the grandchildrens' input in my life. I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and really needed MY Nap.

I'll close showing you a picture of PGD with a "pumpkin shirt" we made on Friday.


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