Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

A time of family, good food and gratitude, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite days. I do hope that yours is full of festive fellowship.

I am happy for an opportunity to reflect on the things that I am truly grateful for at this time of the year. My family, home, country, freedom(s), health, love, friends (including my Personal fitness instructor!), passions, intelligence and the limitless possibilities this life has offered. We are so blessed to live in this interesting time and this country. So much has been developed when you see the great strides technology has gone through and I wonder, what next? With all the improvements in electronics, health technology, economics and time saving strategies I am be fuddled as to why I am so tired so often. Is it the side effects of all the meds the Drs. have me on for my back and shoulder injury? Even that, thank goodness the medicines are available and here again we are blessed with a good prescription coverage when not covered by the workers comp. prescription plan. My DH keeps saying, "Enjoy the Golden years honey". I am trying to get some energy back and have noticed a slight improvement since I joined the local gym and have been working out more regularly. Hopefully I'll be able to get some of my old mojo back.

Well, may your Thanksgiving be all that you imagine. Stay safe and keep love in your hearts.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am so satisfied but sore! I was able to meet my personal trainer 2 times this past week. We met on Tuesday and she adapted many exercies to alleviate problems from my back injury. Despite that, by the time I got home after a couple of errands I hurt so bad I went to bed. The next day I did 12 minutes on my elliptical, So we met again on Thursay. I was actually hobbling into the Y to meet her. After moving for awhile the pain eases somewhat, so I was able to do the exercises on that day. We are targeting different areas with each meeting. Usually we start with an aerobic activity such as walking or biking then move on and do weights. Typically a light weight with 2 sets of 8 or 10 repetitions. It has been wonderful. This week I will be joining the Gym. I need to put myself first instead of all my family's commitments. I know I am not the only woman and mother that has done this. I am trying to instill in my daughter to make time for herself. I know I was a horrible example in this, so I am trying to let her know the best example is to live it for her daughter. That she needs to break that family trend!

I was able to get the table runner totally woven and did get the fabric borders selected for it and have pre washed all. Now to get to it. Maybe I could FOCUS on that and have it done so I could hand sew the binding on while travelling to my brothers' home in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving.
Recently, I quilted my waffle time runner which I backed with Kaffe Fassett Westminister fabrics, to make it reversible. I love the fabrics and the design of quilting I used. It was from Kim Stotsenberg, Just Leaf It design. But Yuck! My stitches were horrible... so have been ripping them out to have a redo on the quilting! Well TaTa for now!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Stitcher's angel gifts received!

I received some wonderful gifts in the mail the other day from My stitcher's angel that Helen set up for a swap. My angel is a friend from Hungary named Anita that made some items for me and also sent a Hungarian crafter's magazine too. They are all beautiful and made very nicely. My gifts were all contained in an envelope of squishy items so I couldn't wait to tear into it. The first thing I found was the lovely stitching bag. It is bright yellow with bright yellow embroidery showing an angel noting to "take time to smell the flowers". How did she know I like flowers? It also came with a flower shaped pin cushion in the same yellow fabric, a nice needle book with an embroidery saying "Taking care of you needles" with an angels' head and wings centered over it, besides a scissor holder with a twisted cord for tying my scissors on to. This also has an angel on one side with the saying "Taking care of you scissors" on the other, what a clever stitcher my angel is. When I saw this pattern on the web it showed a cat embroidered, not my favorite animal by far, especially since I'm allergic to them. Anita D from Hungary, my stitcher's angel did an outstanding job on all of these items. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I wish I wasn't having these computer memory difficulties. Urgggggh! Well enjoy your day, I'm especially enjoying mine, so now I'm off to stitch a little.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Shopping my stash

Last night I went to class #2 on the star weave table runner. I was able to finish the weave and got as far as pinning down the perimeter. While figuring the gold and black stars would be appropriate to have out on New Years Eve and also during Halloween, I figure I'll make this reversible.
So shopping in my stash I found a black with gold scrolling throughout for the New Year's Eve borders on one side, but alas, not enough Halloween fabric for the other side. :-( I had one that would have been perfect but only had 1/4 yard. Not enough. Contemplated what to do and so during my musings read my email. Fat quarter shop has a 50% discount on Halloween fabric. I am on the stashbuster's No-Buy Challenge which means I am not to buy any additional fabric because it's a sale or because I like it or even want to do a new project. I only can buy "B" fabrics. They are: Borders, Backing, binding, background, and batting. Yippee. I won't break my vow and I can legally buy border fabric and it's even on sale! SO I did order 2 yards of a suitable novelty fabric, that I think will work. It's always so hard to tell the exact coloring though when ordering online.

Regarding my movements and trying to become healthier I'd like to share some excitement. Since it was my Birthday this past week, I decided to give myself a present. Several weeks ago at a wedding, a lady I know has been taking classes and trying to become a personal fitness trainer. She was looking for a "Guinea Pig" to try out her style and technique with some honest feedback. She approached me at the wedding. With having a couple of glasses of wine and my back bothering me, I did not respond either way... I told her I'd think about it. Well I called her on Monday. Yes, she was still looking for someone. We met at the mall and walked it, then had coffee and tea to discuss the highlights and expectations. It is a go. I am thrilled. We met again on Thursday and walked in the local park that I like to walk the trails at. Disappointed here though, the landowners had posted signs all over and are leasing the land out for lumbering. The trails that have always been so nice are now logging trails through the woods. Despite that, we did walk probably a little over a mile.
Today I walked by myself about 1.25 miles. I am going to be giving myself a little gift when I reach a short term goal of walking 20 miles. (Donna's idea). She also has wonderful insight and highly suggests for me to get out of the house to exercise. (This is something my Mom and Sisters have been telling me for years)So we will meet at the gym on Tuesday. She obtained a week's pass at the local YMCA for me. I am so pysched, my own personal trainer. I'm feeling very wonderful and special by doing this.

My quilting is progressing along nicely too. I did finish PGD#1 little Dance Bag. Her Mom wanted e to make a little bag to hold a change of clothes, tap shoes and her ballet shoes. So I followed a patterned tote in the book, Quilted Bags and Totes. Here is the finished tote. I love the way I quilted it. The top portion is stippled with a meander, while on the bottom I did a loopy loop with 5 pointed stars inserted sporatically. My stitches are really well done and I am quite happy. So is PGD, she saw it today and was holding it over her shoulder like a "big girl" going shopping.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Today, history is being made. I do wonder what direction this country will go in. Being an optimist, I believe all things are possible, yet at the same time believe each one of us makes a difference. We all contribute positively, negatively or if no preferences made, then we each add to the burden of others, thereby without our input, makes a difference.
I want to be a positive being in all I do. I feel like I always try to maintain myself with grace and dignity. Usually when I'm faced with challenges, its difficult for me to move forward. Although I feel I do move forward just with my thinking and appraising a situation. Recently friends sent me a distressing email. I truly was surprised at the flavor of the note. My response was to clarify my intention and to soothe their egos and yet personally I have written them off. When hurt by something or someone, I'll forgive them but, I will no longer hold them close or to trust them again. So this friendship will be now of my convenience, if it is to be at all. They did once hold a dear place in my heart and were good for me and my family when I needed them and when they also needed me. But clearly that time is no more. It is time to continue moving forward.
My stitcher's angel gifts were received by Cuny from the Netherlands. In this blog you can see her or it might be her daughter Karen, modelling her apron. I am so glad she likes the gifts I made for her. I truly enjoyed this swap and am so glad I was able to fulfill it so pleasantly.
Well, I have a sick grandchild here today who is yelling MeMe! So I'll go comfort her. Enjoy your day. Today DH and I will vote, then go on to visit PGS#1 at his school. His birthday was the day before Halloween when we were in VT at a Cooking show and couldn't visit him, so we'll celebrate with him tonight.
Take Care.