Monday, November 17, 2008

Stitcher's angel gifts received!

I received some wonderful gifts in the mail the other day from My stitcher's angel that Helen set up for a swap. My angel is a friend from Hungary named Anita that made some items for me and also sent a Hungarian crafter's magazine too. They are all beautiful and made very nicely. My gifts were all contained in an envelope of squishy items so I couldn't wait to tear into it. The first thing I found was the lovely stitching bag. It is bright yellow with bright yellow embroidery showing an angel noting to "take time to smell the flowers". How did she know I like flowers? It also came with a flower shaped pin cushion in the same yellow fabric, a nice needle book with an embroidery saying "Taking care of you needles" with an angels' head and wings centered over it, besides a scissor holder with a twisted cord for tying my scissors on to. This also has an angel on one side with the saying "Taking care of you scissors" on the other, what a clever stitcher my angel is. When I saw this pattern on the web it showed a cat embroidered, not my favorite animal by far, especially since I'm allergic to them. Anita D from Hungary, my stitcher's angel did an outstanding job on all of these items. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I wish I wasn't having these computer memory difficulties. Urgggggh! Well enjoy your day, I'm especially enjoying mine, so now I'm off to stitch a little.


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