Thursday, February 26, 2009

Helping a good cause

A friend and fellow quilter asked if a few quilters (myself included) were interested in helping out with a charity project. As you know, most quilters are generous with talent and time, so we all agreed yes, we'd help. What a beautiful project.
We all gathered in January and February at this friends' house to assist in sewing the blocks so they'd be ready to assemble. The quilt design is from by Nancy Davis Murty and it's called, Butterfly Kisses . Here is a picture of the finished top.

What could be better than fun fellowship with like minded ladies and friends. We got together on 2 Saturdays and this is what was accomplished. One dear friend assembled all the blocks together and also took this picture at her house while it was draped so nicely over the banister railing. So she deserves the most credit, she's the engine that could, if you know what I mean while all the time maintaining a nice and friendly attitude. The quilting is now being done by Carole, a talented Long armer in our area. The finished quilt will be raffled off with all of the proceeds going to the Glenwood Cemetary.

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