Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a nice surprise! While sifting through our huge stack of mail, (son said he's never seen somebody get as much mail as we do)it must have piled in an area of 10" high by 2' by 3' wide, I found these two postcards.

I received this one
from Pat L. in NY

This one I received from Kim.

Aren't they both beautiful. It's always amazing to see the creativity of the different members of stashbusters. I also enjoyed the creative process making postcards for 2 other members and my Mom. The one below is just one of the 3 I created. I find that it's a challenge to come up with a plausible idea. For mine I pieced fabrics stamped desins, chalked and painted backgrounds besides adding a few free formed hearts. I was pleased with my final results but I hope the recipients wil be as well.

Hope your Valentine's day was shared with all that you love.


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Quilting Kim said...

Hi, this is Kim and imagine my surprise to see the photo of the postcard that I sent to you. This was my first postcard swap and wouldn't you know that in my haste to get it in the mail, I forgot to take a photo.