Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ouch, OOOHHH! Fell off my No Buy Wagon!

Hi all, while reading some favorite links I ran across a notice of a $50 gift certificate for Superior Threads. They have the best thread and are the best thread makers around. Anytime I go to a quilt show, I always treat myself to more thread from them. I think I have all their thread charts too and would love to get the stitched out examples they offer. King Tut is nice, but I'm starting to favor the lava thread line, it seems smoother and so nice to fall into the fabric.

Well today is a mixed up kind of day. Yesterday, I did not feel well at all. Wasn't sure if it was the flu on top of my neck back injury. While visiting Mom in FLorida, my pain had lessened. Now that I'm back at home, it seems worse. Why? I think because I need to do more. Dishes, laundry, shopping, etc..... I really and truly relaxed while on vacation and was actually spoiled too. The only "House work" things I did were to make our bed and dishes after dinner. Mom was so organized that all meals were prepared well in advance (even before most of us were awake) in her house. But back to reality.

Yesterday DH and I went to a LQS named Dreamcrafters for their annual 25% off sale. I had a list of needs (fabric and stabilizers) for completing UFOs and quilt kits that were already in my stash. It seems great that I'm shopping my stash first. I have many mediums and prints, but the stabilizing pieces of solids and such are surely missing. I am trying so hard to behave with quilty purchases. Despite behaving, I still spent $160. Yikes!

With the traveling, I think the frost heaves on the road trip were horrific for my spine. I hurt so bad with the trip that when we got home, I went to bed after taking my meds. Contiued to hurt throughout the night and even this am, I am in pain. Need to watch our 2 month old grandson (PGS#3) this am and this evening. Well off to lie down again while I can.
Stay Well

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