Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's NEW?

A finish, that's what. I'm so thrilled. The table runner that I mentioned ripping out all of the terrible quilting I did back around Thanksgiving, has been quilted good enough by me. It literally has been talking to me every time I entered my sewing area, so of course I strongly and willfully ignored it. What else are you to do with a undisciplined child! Well, guilt has been riding my back about my avoidance of quilting it, so yesterday I took the proverbial "Bull by the Horns" and started quilting it. It was going smoothly especially since I slowed down my machine to 440 stitches per minute. It seems my timing is off with my machine. It was okay but actually a little too slow then so I sped it up to 740 spm to get more of a faster pace without going full speed, that was a dream. (Note to self, spm now to be done at 700-800 when quilting.) It's a comfortable and doable pace. Hence a big milestone was accomplished.

Here are 2 pictures of it. The left one is of the waffle time runner.
The picture on the right is the reverse side of the runner. Using Westminster Fabrics I was able to simply design the backing myself. This was fun and I love the way this turned out. Now I have 2 different looks, all the while with only storing 1runner. The next picture is a small sample of the quilting I used, and this is the runner that was totally done in November, BUT hoirribly. Hence ripping out all the stitches to redo it. I am also pleased with my efforts there.

This design is my own since it was done free hand but I was inspired by Kim Stotzenburger with her book, "Just Leaf It".

Last week I also wrote out four things to complete by Friday. Not too much success there though. Two out of four aren't bad. Did work on both numbers 3 & 4, but didn't quite finish those as listed. Understandably so with having grandchildren here 4 fulls days since last week, but a girl has to have priorities!

1-Waffle time runner quilted
2-Finish reading "A Letter to My Daughter" by Maya Angelo
3-Embroider the Giraffe block on the Noah's ark stitchery
4-Finish Reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

My plan is to continue to list 4 items weekly to help in progressing my UFO's and works in slow progress (wisp) that I'd like to edge towards completion. So I'll add to my list and relist what wasn't completed. At the end of March, I'll be going to a quilt retreat weekend set up by friends, so I'll need to "kit" up some of the UFO's I thought of working on. Sew what's next? Stay in touch, you'll soon see since I feel like I'm on a roll.
Enjoy your day and catch up with you soon.


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