Monday, March 30, 2009

Back from WWW of Wadhams.

Had a great time at the most recent "wild, wonderful and wacky women of Wadham's retreat". Friends of mine have been organizing this retreat since it's inception about 3 years ago. What a fantastic time. The main area where the sewing is done is a large conference room with 20+ tables scattered through out. There are clusters of 3-5 tables so enough room for 3-6 women to sew at each cluster of tables. There are also 2 addlitional rooms available during the day for laying out quilt tops, or for lounging and doing some hand work. One large table was set for the cutting out and/or measuring borders and larger projects. Besides that, there were other larger surface areas available besides the floor, such as the ping-pong table, a pool table and a foos ball table for draping our quilt tops on.
Friendship, fellowship, creativity was abound wherever you looked. Many women went for walks, shopping excursions, yoga sessions, singing in the chapel on the premises, sewing, resting and of course eating. All meals were provided from Friday night through Sunday lunch time and each and every year, Marie and Jeff do an incredible job making all of us feel welcome and creating sustainable feasts for every palette.

It was nice to reconnect with the many friends you meet through years, all the while still staying focused a little bit on progressing the UFO's each person brings to progress on.

I brought way too much.... again. I always think I'll be able to accomplish much than I actually do. Perhaps if I wasn't visiting as much as I did that I could of, but what would be the fun of that? Exactly! So I really am thrilled of what I did do and especially seeing and reconnecting with my friends.
* Actually finished the Disappearing 9 Patch flimsy including the borders added and the piping and binding all cut and sewn together ready to assemble. I didn't measure, just did a rough estimate so I can only hope the dark blue binding that matches the quilt will be enough on hand. If not, I'll have to be creative. Time will tell. Now to wait for the minkee delivery so it will be finished.
* Did get the doll blanket front and back all pieced together. I need to layer that, quilt and then bind it and then I'll show you a picture of it.
* Sewed 2 pillowcases for Christmas gifts.
* Was able to cut out 7 flannel crib sheets for PGS#3's bedding. Figured it would be the easiest to do there while having a large table available. Those I did, while every one else had mostly left, and only the last few stragglers were packing up to leave.
* Finished the Arc block on the Noah's Arc stitcheries and ablre to start on the next one while watching 2 movies. The movies were: The Secret Lives of Bees and Frozen River. The last one was based on a mother of 3 children, overwhelmed by debts, chossing to smuggle humans across the border via the Mohawk Land and was filmed in this area. Sipping wine, narrating and sewing with friends. Wonderful.

I won't list the additional projects that I brought to work on, but believe me, I think there were about 5-6 more. I'm glad I left those in the car as a just in case I finished all the others listed above, besides another baby quilt kit I had brought in my main case.

I easily could have stayed to sew those up too, but with the 3 hours ride home, I thought it would be best to leave so I'd get home around 6pm. Maybe the next time I'll try to go for one more day. that way I'd have 2 full days of sewing instead of only 1, and that day I went with friends to a local quilt shop that has wonderful Kona solids for $4.50 a yard. Was able to pick up 8 yards of one solid burgandy color and a 10 yard piece of a pistachio color. Both legit buys of course! Hehehe.

Unpacking today, laundry, watching grandchildren, and catching my breath.
Stay Well and follow your bliss.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready....and in a quandary

Some days the pain and discomfort I am in are just too much. I know I'll be living with this for the rest of my life and I just need to push on. AND that is exactly what I've been doing.

This is a picture of my D9P all together and showed it to my daughter, since it will be in her house and for her #1 son. The size now is 46" by 46". Checking with her preferences for what border colors she prefers in which ever order. She'd like it a little longer, could I do it. Yes, so back to do more D9P rows to make it so. Darn, I'll need to iron more fabric, sometimes I think that's the worst task, moving things around to make room for the ironing board! I'm not sure which border treatment though. Any recommendations?
Since I'm getting ready to go away on a retreat shortly, perhaps I'll bring that project to work on.

The project #5 for the UFO challenge through my Mom's guild still needs to get a pieced backing for the long lines table runner. I'll probably do that too while away. I don't think it will take too long, whenever I make up my mind of exactly what to do. It still is percolating in brain(pib).

While I was waiting to check with daughter, I did start a little doll blanket for PG#1. I'm using soiree charm pack pictured above and I got my pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. The top is pieced, now all I need to complete is to piece the back. Boy, that seems like my current trend. Need to break that record!

A-shopping I JUST went, got to love the internet. I just bought some minkee fabrics for the D9P backing and for another baby blanket I am taking to my retreat. The last one is from Thimble Blossoms called "Baby Mine", proceeds of that went to Quilt for a cause with Juvenile Diabetes. (A great-nephew of mine has had this since age 2. What a doll he is. Both he and his Mom are so good about doing all things necessary for this challenge. WHen discovered his Blood sugar was around 700. Yikes!) Anyways, ordered 2 yards of minkee in 2 different colors for the backings of both quilts. With S&H it comes to $53.00. Not bad and it's a legit buy from the no-buy challenge I'm participating with this year through the stashbuster group I belong too.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Disappearing nine patch

Oh, on the organization of my studio- I found a 3 drawer unit not badly priced at a local retailer. I bougth 2 to stack on top of each other. I had tape measure in hand and knew the space available to help with this latest effort. I think it will work. Maybe just a hair off...........2 days ago, emptied out my messy corner near the design wall to "slip" this 3 drawer unit into. NO GO! Called son who lives next door and had the day off, please come and help, I thinking with a little muscular persuasion they'll nudge in quite nicely. NOPE! I need to shift all the cabinets on that wall 1" maybe 2" to make sure the drawer will be fully operational.
SO- I did the first short cabinet with the machine embroidery stuff, c/d and radio and dvd, software storage. Emptied it, cleaned it and moved it down. Today, I'll
do the next shorter cabinet with the TV, all quilt related books, gloves, boxes of hand quilting thread.....

My plan is to try to tackle one cabinet every day or two so I can fit in those drawers for easier storage. There were 6 plastic totes piled on one another and it seems like no matter what order they were in, I always needed the one on the bottom. With the drawers - yippee! No longer will it be a problem. The empty plastic totes I'll use for my decorator fabrics, dress making fabrics, to store down in the basement. I have other totes there already, but I actually do go down to locate fleece, battings, and other stuff when needed. So it's not a case of out of sight out of mind.

I started my disappearing nine patch that I've had kitted for over a year, see my fabric selected in the above photo. I actually took the time, ironed fabrics and cut them into the figured out 4-1/2" strips. Yesterday made my strip sets after helping out daughter and her family with transportion issues while her eyes were dilated. Actually did get them pressed too last night, but didn't subcut them. Off to do that now. PG#3, PGD#1 and DH are all taking a nap!

Oh I do love the sound of silence. Enjoy your day, I'm off to enjoy more of mine.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yippee, 2 more finishes!

Today was a wonderful day. I actually woke at 3:45 and laid in bed for half an hour, before I said enough! So I got up and got around. Am so glad I did. Trying to be quiet for DH who was still sleeping I read email first with my cuppa tea. Knowing full well the amount of time that is gobbled up every day on the computer, I envisioned making a time management sheet to help me stay focused on the time I do have. So the first hour this am I played in excell and did my computer things. Onto the kitchen and made a dessert needed later today for my Read and Bead Group, (Aka - The Artists Way). Cleaned up then proceeded into my sewing room to tidy up.

Spent several hours in there, starting off with some mending. ALways is a dreaded chore, but am so glad it's done. As I was straightening things up and putting items away, I stumbled onto an apron that I started sewing with PGD#1 several weeks ago. Thought to myself I'll work on that.... TADA! Finished. Totally reversible with one side having tiny cupcakes and the other showing some of Sesame Streets finer characters with there cooresponding first initial letters. CUTE...I can't wait til tomorrow, PGD#1 has a field trip to make pretzels, so I'll bring it for her to wear.

The afternoon was spent with friends at a local bead store and VIOLA! I made my first pair of earrings. I had purchased the items while vacationing down in Florida. Bought the string of Black Onyx beads and a string of Smokey Topaz beads as well as the SS earrings, bead caps, pins, and a couple of different sized silver beads. Not bad for a total of $32.21 so 1 pair of earrings made and then maybe I'll find some more appropriate fixings and make a charm type of bracelet with the other onyx beads. Here they are. I absolutely Love them. After finishing them, I continued doing my Dutch Spiral Rope. I think I have about 3" - 4" left to bead so then I'll get to the closure and on to the right angle weave needed for the pendant that will be worn with the necklace. (On 3/26/09 I came back after I was able to have my camera loading and downloading fixed, and the pictures are too blurry to show. Must be the high reflection of the flash and the operator of the camera too. You'll just have to take my word for it, they're beautiful.)

Well off to bed, Stay Well.


Wouldn't you know it, my camera downloading is not available. AAaargh! I really do loath this computer at times. I have the pictures on my chip, but the software won't allow me to download the photos. When it cooperates, I'll come back and add the pictures.
While on the field trip, I took photos too. So precious! Ms. Tracy, the preschool teacher complimented the apron and wondered if I would make 3-4 more for the childrens playtime, that the school would pay me for them..... Hummm, I'll probably will do it, but when?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Where did this week go?

As for quilty things finished, not alot to report. Did finish my giraffe and also the turtle embroideries for my Noahs' Ark freebie designed by Lynette Anderson. I hope to have them completed by the end of March. Hand stitching is such an enjoyable, meditative task. Easy to put down and then when you come back to it, easy to start right back in again where you left off. No rocket scientific means needed here.

A friend and I went to a local bead shop called the Lily Pond this past Monday. The owner is a friend and the queen of knowledge IMHO when it comes to anything beady. She taught us how to wrap wire for making dangles and attaching charms to any project we may want to make.

My newest grandson (PGS#3) has been suffering with colic. The Dr's said he had reflux. Try this formula after my daughter weened him. He suffered through weekly trials of different formulas and medications for 5 weeks. Last Tuesday, Grandma had enough, I substituted his formula for sugared water. Well, PGS#3 had a total personality change. He was cooing, smiling, looking around bright eyed..... You get the picture, from a baby Mr. Hyde to a miniaturized Dr. Jekyll. I think being born so big he should have doubled his birth weight. Well he hasn't. We still don't know what's going on medically, but he's now on Nutrimagen a formala for infants with allergies to cow protein. So he's doing better. The four previous medications have been stopped and now he's only on one new one with directions for him to take once a day. Much better. Since then, I've seen him developing normal baby skills. What a relief. He still needs to see a specialist, but at least he's not scrunched up in a ball of pain screaming.

Here's a picture of him with his older sister feeding him a bottle for her first time. She is such a beautiful soul. So very patient with him and even through the months that he has been in pain and crying, never once did I see her get short or cross because of his noise, even though she might be watching one of her favorite movies. She would occasionly go to him and try to soothe him, even asking him while trying to tickle him slightly, " Where's is that smile?" "Where's that smile?". What a sister he's got!
Enjoy your day. I know I'll enjoy mine.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Embarassingly, I have enough!

What that well known adage: "THE CAMERA DOESN'T LIE".
Well it is with a very red face that I'll be posting pictures of my sewing room and the overflow that has happened because of my passion with needle work. Knowing I have enough or even too much and I need to get a handle on it.

So here it is...............MY SEWING ROOM:

The view as I walk into my sewing domain is the first photo and the view of the wall that is to my back while I sew is the second photo, of course I opened up the cabinet doors so you knew they weren't sitting there empty(wicked grin here):

These next 2 photos are of the view of the wall I face while sewing. The first picture is the cabinet that sets near my design wall. This holds my whites to black colored fabics, as well as Halloween and the Thirty's Reproduction fabrics. The second photo is a view of the center of the room where 2 more of fabric cabinets are. The center cabinet holds my greens to purples and also includes batiks. The far right cabinet is for my yellows to reds, besides novelty and childrens' fabrics. Further on the right (not pictured) of that wall, are 2 corner-windows which is where a shorter cabinet stands that holds the TV, DVD, C/D, cassette player.

These final 2 pictures show my design wall area near my fabric storage cabinets, both top and bottom.

It is a wreck! It's hard for me, who used to be a very detail specific and organized admit that this mess is mine and mine alone.

So that is my story and I'm sticking to it!
No, I'm truly posting these pictures to keep me real!
It seems that whenever my interest is peaked in whichever subject, I fall for it big time. Well, I've made this mess so I will be cleaning it up. Since it didn't happen overnight, I know it will take me a while to fix it. Now mind you, there are some more pictures of my messes, but I thought there is only so much a person can stand... so I plan on showing the before and after photo's when I get to them. That will help me continue to stay focused and to not relapse into my old self. Time will tell.

Got to run, I'm planning on working on the woven star table runner this evening. Stay Well.