Friday, March 20, 2009

Disappearing nine patch

Oh, on the organization of my studio- I found a 3 drawer unit not badly priced at a local retailer. I bougth 2 to stack on top of each other. I had tape measure in hand and knew the space available to help with this latest effort. I think it will work. Maybe just a hair off...........2 days ago, emptied out my messy corner near the design wall to "slip" this 3 drawer unit into. NO GO! Called son who lives next door and had the day off, please come and help, I thinking with a little muscular persuasion they'll nudge in quite nicely. NOPE! I need to shift all the cabinets on that wall 1" maybe 2" to make sure the drawer will be fully operational.
SO- I did the first short cabinet with the machine embroidery stuff, c/d and radio and dvd, software storage. Emptied it, cleaned it and moved it down. Today, I'll
do the next shorter cabinet with the TV, all quilt related books, gloves, boxes of hand quilting thread.....

My plan is to try to tackle one cabinet every day or two so I can fit in those drawers for easier storage. There were 6 plastic totes piled on one another and it seems like no matter what order they were in, I always needed the one on the bottom. With the drawers - yippee! No longer will it be a problem. The empty plastic totes I'll use for my decorator fabrics, dress making fabrics, to store down in the basement. I have other totes there already, but I actually do go down to locate fleece, battings, and other stuff when needed. So it's not a case of out of sight out of mind.

I started my disappearing nine patch that I've had kitted for over a year, see my fabric selected in the above photo. I actually took the time, ironed fabrics and cut them into the figured out 4-1/2" strips. Yesterday made my strip sets after helping out daughter and her family with transportion issues while her eyes were dilated. Actually did get them pressed too last night, but didn't subcut them. Off to do that now. PG#3, PGD#1 and DH are all taking a nap!

Oh I do love the sound of silence. Enjoy your day, I'm off to enjoy more of mine.

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Quilt Hollow said...

I just read your profile...says your 32 though married 34 years? Hmmmmm??? Hopefully you'll be able to get some organization in your sewing room soon. I looked at earlier photos and got a real kick out of all of it! I bet you have treasures you'd forgotten you had or lost. This happened to a friend of mine as well! How fun to rummage through while making some sort of order out of it all. Wish you the best in the endeavor.