Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Froggin my stitchin and other stuff

Well some friends and I got together on Saturday to stitch and reconnect. What a glorious day, the sun was shining and the temperature was 80+ degrees. Unusual for this time of the year. In between reconnecting with friends, having lunch and I brought my "Put your big girl pantites on" to work on I realized that my count was off after several hours of stitching. I asked the hostess what she thought of the design and then while she was looking, I mentioned that my spacing was off. She thought it looked okay since the wording was balanced in it's wrong spacing.
So the weekend progressed and I continued to stitch on it as it was until I said, "I can't do this". So the froggin began and I ripped it out. I don't know where this perfectionism came from, I know I'm by no means perfect and I always am thrilled with my rebellious nature, but I can't let a known mistake just be. I'll tear into it and try to correct it even though I try not to. Maybe Janie, that's the point, just tear into it sooner and don't dwell on it so. Hummm, a light bulb moment, talk about a little dense.The design is by Janlynn and has been in my to-do cabinet for 6+ years. So while traveling to visit my sister, I pulled this work out knowing the binding on the baby quilt would be done quickly and I'd have idle hands if I didn't bring something more. Almost done, I'll post more when it's completed. Still trying to figure out how I wan tit finished as a framed piece on the wall, a pocket for a quilter's tote, humm any suggestions?

The above and side pictures are my PGD#1 and a coat I bought for her while visiting my Mom in Florida. A woman she knows and is in her guild makes these coats and sells them. The one at the quilt show that I saw was too small so I commissioned her to make one for myPGD#1. What a beautiful job she did. She even inscribed on the label that it was made especially for her. Does the fabric look familiar to anybody? It started out as a Pillow sham. Amazing work Diane E. I absolutely LOVE it!

Happy stitchin

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