Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yippee for NOAH!

The above picture is of the Noah's Ark Wallhanging I just completed called "Genesis Chapter 6".

Lynette Anderson offered this free pattern of embroideries as a SAL (Stitch a-Long). I found out about it too late to be in the SAL, but I did save all the patterns monthly so I stitched on it as I could. SWEET! I probably worked on this project for about 7 months total and it never got shelved! Diligence does pay off, PLUS I was able to get at least 2 projects done each month since the beginning of the year, (another challenge I pledged to was to finish 1 thing a month). DH and my son both laugh when I tell them that I need to finish such and such because I took a pledge. It's about time I started putting myself first! * Towanda!

With my back, neck and shoulder issues however, the larger quilts are sometimes too painful to manage, so the smaller sizes like stitcheries and wallhangings and such, help me keep my sanity. Sometimes even those are difficult when my arms and hands won't cooperate, so I'll just rest and BE.

Well, I've been tackling my scrap boxes for 15 minutes a day to start attempting to have some control on those, after the 15 mintues I'll work on other pending PHD's and UFO's as I can.

The next cross stitch I'll be concentrating on are the 9 little patterns I bought while vacationing with my sister in London. Hummmm, that was already 9 + years ago, so it's time I got shagging on them. I was able to puchase several yards of a red and white Liberty of London fabric too, hummm... I'll have to "shop my stash for that" when I complete them. Perhaps they will become another wallhanging. The patterns are all adorable and represent vacation mementos of the places we witnessed, visited and did while in London. Ohhhh, so many fond memories there.

Stay well and Happy Stitching,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look what I received!

It felt like Christmas and look what I received. Thanks Bonnie! A blogger I check out routinely was having a giveaway, and look what I won. Beautiful hand dyed fabrics. They arrived in the mail on Tuesday. When DH brought the mail into the house, I got the squishy package I was wondering what it could be. All of a sudden I remembered I had won the giveaway on Bonnie's blog, and couldn't wait to tear into package to check out the fabrics. Her blog is called In stitches with Bonnie and here is a link to it. What a sweetie and how pretty the colors are. She also recommended on testing them to make sure they are colorfast. Hummmm, I wonder which project I'll use them in.

Also- Pat is having a giveaway for her 100th post. She is giving away many beautiful items, like patterns, a layer cake, aurafil thread, etc... Go check out her blog and sign up. The deadline is the 31st. Goodluck and Happy stitchin.


Another one bites the dust!

Oh Yeah, another bites the dust. Sharing this picture of another UFO finished. I really don't undersdtand why I perpetually put away a project to have it sit there for years. This one has been sitting around for over 2 years. It started because of taking a class from Nancy Davis-Murty called "Stitching Fancy with Nancy" that was enjoyable and broadened my horizons as far as using more of the decorative stitches on my bernina sewing machine.
After the class I had every intention of finishing it, although I hadn't used a stabilizer under the heart shaped flowers and wasn't thoroughly impressed with the way this wallhanging was laying. After the class, life was interrupted and having other commitments, etc.... so needless to say, it became shelved.
So with the challenge I'm doing through my Mother's guild, this one is my finish for May. Here is a picture of some of the detail. I had to stiple the heck out of it to make sure it laid flat in the background and I used some of the bondable crystals within the flowers. I really smile now that it's finished and this makes me happy. The next number pulled is 4 which is my "Alien Invasion" quilt top. Off to pick up the sewing room and think how I'll be piecing my backing for the invasion quilt.
Enjoy your day.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Alexander Rybak!

Yes! This talented young man, Alexander Rybak won the eurovision contest. I love to watch this performance and listen to his song, Fairytale. What a cutie!
Well, I'm off to sew a little while I can.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another quick note,

I am so proud of my son and daughter. They are both very responsible, lovable and well balanced people and each of them are raising a beautiful family. This little update is a link to an animal rescue effort that my son is assisting with. It took place in Wisconsin and he is flying home right now. It'll be interesting to hear how it all went down.
He is certified to teach and train Animal rescue, besides other more challenging courses, like ice rescue, technical rescue, swift water rescue up to and including a class 5 rapids. It seems like this is his passion and I am glad and proud of his talents which are truly his own. No credit here.

Polka Dot kid and other stuff

DH and I just got back from Massachusetts. Went to visit PGS#1 at his school. It seems like a really great school and is a perfect fit for him. The school had an openhouse weekend so we went to check it out and to visit with PGS#1. We enjoyed ourselves greatly. Played some volleyball, gym games, a little ride within a paddock on a horse, and bowling besides finding the time to meet with the teachers and employees. n Most importantly though was finding time to visit with PGS#1. Here's a photo of him on a horse. This was his first attempt at riding and he seemed very comfortable even riding with his arms outstretched and trusting the lad who was leading the horse. I am so proud and thankful. He is maturing so fast and it seems wonderful with the improved skills he is learning. It is a great thing to see him progress so quickly recently and to think he is off most of the medications he was prescribed for years. TG! I am so thankful for the many talented and caring individuals that he now shares his life with, a huge improvement over the last school he attended.
As far as other things on the home front, PGS#2 is now lovingly called the polka dot kid. Yep, that's right, Chicken Pox. He is feeling okay with just being sick with them for a little over a week, all though he is bored and still itchy at times. The pox keeping popping out slowly, so it's a relatively slow releasing strain since they all didn't surface at once. I'm sure it may have been easier for him to tolerate, but being out of school for a week and a half is getting too long, even for him.
I did get my Noah's Ark wall hanging all put together. The only thing left to do is to put the binding on it ( I just hope I have enough) and the hanging sleeve/pockets or whatever I decide to do this with. I'll share a photo when it is omplete.

Yesterday DH had an appointment across the lake, so instead of taking the ferry home on such a gorgeous afternoon, we drove around the lake so I could check out a friends new business called Fibre Junction. Look what jumped into my arms! A lucious lakehouse soft blue print and a reproduction fabric that just feels so Yummy. So much for my no buy! Well, I'll have to send in some penalty 5" squares to stashbuster's No-Buy Cheerleader Kathy. I know I'll do better in the future, but I'm thinking, I'll probably have to be locked in a room. I do know that I have cut way back in my purchases and spending with hobby buys so far this year, but I seem to be traiding off what I buy, especially when you saw all the counted cross stitch kits and patterns I bought while vacationing in Maryland. I always plan on doing and being able to do so much more than I possibly can. Note to self...Janie, Get REAL!

PGD#1 and PGS#3 are here today, so I think making a cake is on the agenda besides a couple of other things. Enjoy your day, I know I'll enjoy mine.

PS: Here's the ice cream cake that PGD#1 made with papa and I today. She just couldn't wait to dig into it and have a surprise, pretend Birthday Party for Mommy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I was able to get a little care package out to my Mom. She, with all the love through-out the years, has passed along many quality, caring besides loving attributes to me along with the love of the needle. So, when I saw these Italian Klasse scissors, I just knew that they would be perfect and I had to get them for her. They are truly beautiful and I told her that every time she would use them, she would know she was getting a little hug from me. AND, do know what she said.......well, when I return them your way (meaning after her demise) they'd be hugging me back. Talk about getting all sappy and wet eyed. Love You Mom!
That being said, with 3 other sisters who don't sew a stitch unless it's unavoidable, Mom has always mentioned in her no nonsense way, that should anything happen to her I would be acquiring all of her quilty-sewing things. So our little joke has been geez Mom, you don't have to die to let me enjoy them, let me shop your stash now. I guess checky gene must run in the family. So throughout many years, our bantering has been... you better finish that UFO because I don't want to do that one, yatta yatta yatta. And we'd banter back and forth. I also have told her if anything happens to me, guess who would be honored of going through my stash? You guessed it. We do really love each other that much.
So for my daughter's Mother's Day, DH and I helped our grandchildren, PGD#1 and PGS#3make these hand casts. I have a total of 9 layers of paint sprayed on them so far and I think only 1 more might be necessary before I give them a sealant protection. Of course I'll be writing their names and the year on the backs so it will be a parent's day gift given on Mother's Day. I know both Mom and Dad will truly love them.

So to all, Happy Mother's Day.

A quick little note to let you know that Bonnie had a givewaway and just notified me that I won! How exciting is that! The first time ever winning from the blogs I visit. I feel like I won a million bucks and probably better since they are hand dyed fat quarters. Yippee! Thanks Bonnie! (I'll post a picture when they arrive.)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Enter HGTV green home in Port St. Lucie, Florida

I am trying to add a link to my side bar. DH & I visited this area this past Jan-February 2009 and what a gorgeous place. Enter only if you would want to live where the sun shines and the weather is easy. Smiles,

Happy Day and it's May

Seems so nice to be having better weather lately. Now I need to try to focus on some of the outdoor chores that need attending to after such a long cold and dark winter.
I actually threw a fit yesterday with DH and listed all the items around here that have been neglected way too long. I guess, with just finishing the stitching on my "Big Girl Panties" I was taking myself literally. Since my back injury so many things have gotten away from me and out of my control. I've watched 7 of my fruit trees killed off, by accident of course, but also watched my flower gardens get mowed over because the weeds became unmanageable but most recently, March to be exact, when 2 ornamental shrubs were cut down. I had planted them near the pathway around the pool to reduce the speeds children might want to take in that section, DH and PGS#2 cut them down while I was at a quilting retreat with friends. Upon returning DH stated that the "hand-me up hot tub" would go there.
So when I found out, I asked him simply, "Does it work?" He's not sure. So, I strongly suggested that before any other things were destroyed, to just level it off where it was placed when it was moved here, see if it worked correctly, especially without any leaks, if we would even use it, etc... and then next year if not later this year, we could incorporate it into the pool area aesthetically.
Besides these frustrations, the house hasn't been washed in 5-6 years despite giving him a power washer 8 years ago(he did let me know that he washed a section of the back of the house and a section of the garage last fall), the cars, the windows and screens, finish organizing the garage and also incorporating a winch system so I might be able to put away and take down my bicycle myself, the river bank that we cut trees down last fall so we could fix a dock for the kayak and canoe access to the river, the overflow from the well where we tried to do our own waterfall and pond before I was hurt (2+ years ago). You get the idea, Way too many things need attention and that is just SOME the outside areas needing help. I won't depress you over all the attention that the inside needs as well.

Oh well, How do you eat an Elephant?
That's right, one bite at a time. Breathe, Janie Breathe.

So I have lately set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle a small job. One drawer, One shelf, one little hot spot that is distracting me and literally yelling, Heh! "I need some attention." Progress is the way to completion but with taking a little step at a time and not trying to tackle the whole job at once. That is physically too straining to do for either DH or myself. This idea of moderation is something DH still hasn't accepted, since his heart condition and with an EF of 25, I know that he is tired more often than not. He has passed a milestone of having this condition for over 5 years now and we are both very grateful.

So with all that being said, I just signed on to make a 9 patch a day, besides the other items I'm trying to take care off. From the Blog of Crazy Mom Quilts ,she is planning on hosting a quilt along for any one wanting to join. I think I'll use some of the charm squares in my stash for the nine patches. You need a total of 9 - 2.5" squares per block and the block size is 6.5" unfinished so will finish at 6" of course. The final quilt size is about 66" x 90". I plan on making mine with the technique some friends and I coined "HUMPJUMPERS". That way I can make sure I get to sew a little every day on other pending projects while making my 9-patch . A win win!

Yardage requirements:

For the blocks you will need a total of 3.25 yards of various prints. (That includes 70 nine patch blocks and the scrappy border.)

For the sashing you will need about 3.5 yards of white fabric.
Also, be sure to go to the Magnolia Bay Quilts Blog,. She is having a giveaway and offering her lastest book that was printed by That Patchwork Place. I have not looked at this book YET, but I do love to have books as a reference. Besides browsing the book have the possibility of using up scraps, hummmm, sounds like another win, win situation.

Happy Stitching.