Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I was able to get a little care package out to my Mom. She, with all the love through-out the years, has passed along many quality, caring besides loving attributes to me along with the love of the needle. So, when I saw these Italian Klasse scissors, I just knew that they would be perfect and I had to get them for her. They are truly beautiful and I told her that every time she would use them, she would know she was getting a little hug from me. AND, do know what she said.......well, when I return them your way (meaning after her demise) they'd be hugging me back. Talk about getting all sappy and wet eyed. Love You Mom!
That being said, with 3 other sisters who don't sew a stitch unless it's unavoidable, Mom has always mentioned in her no nonsense way, that should anything happen to her I would be acquiring all of her quilty-sewing things. So our little joke has been geez Mom, you don't have to die to let me enjoy them, let me shop your stash now. I guess checky gene must run in the family. So throughout many years, our bantering has been... you better finish that UFO because I don't want to do that one, yatta yatta yatta. And we'd banter back and forth. I also have told her if anything happens to me, guess who would be honored of going through my stash? You guessed it. We do really love each other that much.
So for my daughter's Mother's Day, DH and I helped our grandchildren, PGD#1 and PGS#3make these hand casts. I have a total of 9 layers of paint sprayed on them so far and I think only 1 more might be necessary before I give them a sealant protection. Of course I'll be writing their names and the year on the backs so it will be a parent's day gift given on Mother's Day. I know both Mom and Dad will truly love them.

So to all, Happy Mother's Day.

A quick little note to let you know that Bonnie had a givewaway and just notified me that I won! How exciting is that! The first time ever winning from the blogs I visit. I feel like I won a million bucks and probably better since they are hand dyed fat quarters. Yippee! Thanks Bonnie! (I'll post a picture when they arrive.)


Anonymous said...

Hey - Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Good Luck! I was trying to find the font for my letter on D's Quilt I let you know when I find it. Also you have given me a great idea on the hand print, it will be a great thing to do with my granddaughter. Did you get a kit at Micheal's?

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, what a dear story about your Mom, and leaving her stash, and those good scissors. How lovely you explained that touching subject. 8-) It's nice to be able to discuss that subject.