Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yippee for NOAH!

The above picture is of the Noah's Ark Wallhanging I just completed called "Genesis Chapter 6".

Lynette Anderson offered this free pattern of embroideries as a SAL (Stitch a-Long). I found out about it too late to be in the SAL, but I did save all the patterns monthly so I stitched on it as I could. SWEET! I probably worked on this project for about 7 months total and it never got shelved! Diligence does pay off, PLUS I was able to get at least 2 projects done each month since the beginning of the year, (another challenge I pledged to was to finish 1 thing a month). DH and my son both laugh when I tell them that I need to finish such and such because I took a pledge. It's about time I started putting myself first! * Towanda!

With my back, neck and shoulder issues however, the larger quilts are sometimes too painful to manage, so the smaller sizes like stitcheries and wallhangings and such, help me keep my sanity. Sometimes even those are difficult when my arms and hands won't cooperate, so I'll just rest and BE.

Well, I've been tackling my scrap boxes for 15 minutes a day to start attempting to have some control on those, after the 15 mintues I'll work on other pending PHD's and UFO's as I can.

The next cross stitch I'll be concentrating on are the 9 little patterns I bought while vacationing with my sister in London. Hummmm, that was already 9 + years ago, so it's time I got shagging on them. I was able to puchase several yards of a red and white Liberty of London fabric too, hummm... I'll have to "shop my stash for that" when I complete them. Perhaps they will become another wallhanging. The patterns are all adorable and represent vacation mementos of the places we witnessed, visited and did while in London. Ohhhh, so many fond memories there.

Stay well and Happy Stitching,