Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another finish.....

Nothing spectacular, but a finish none the less. A small storage bag for Grand childrens' toys. I was able to use up about 1.25 yards on it. The outside has a montage of jungle animal skins printed, and the inside I was able to use more of a purple print that I've had hanging around for years. I think the purple one was initially used in the orange and purple community project quilt I did about 14 +or- years ago. I believe I still have about 3 yards left. Why did I ever buy so much of it? I really don't know

Here's a photo of the purple lining I used within it. This afternoon, I plan on quilting my D9P (Disappearing NIne Patch) quilt with the antique toys I showed several months ago. I've had the quilt assembled, layered with Minkee as the backing(no batting will be used) and sprayed with 505 in the garage. Since i was able to pratice my quilting on the toy bag first, I'm in a rhythm to attempt the larger size quilt with my feeble attempts of machine quilting. Wish me luck.


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