Monday, June 1, 2009

Sewing Machine Meme

Beth at Sew Mama Sew blog is conducting a poll about sewing machines. She welcomes any and all to blog about theirs, leave a message on her blog and then the information will be complied after one month and the results will be published with recommendations and references from perhaps thousands of users. So it'll be a great place to share you story of why you LOVE, LIKE or HATE your sewing machine and a good resource for what type of machines people an't live without (my words here, not hers).

My favorite sewing machine is/was a Bernina 170 quilter's edition that I fondly call my "Janina". A combined name of the manufacturer's name and mine that fits her personality perfectly. I bought her after researching what was available and test sewing several machines and brands that were serviceable in my area. Customer service is one of the reasons I bought her from Gloversville Sewing Center about 10 or 11 years ago and I've been happy that I did.
I paid huge money (I thought) for her since with all the extras of embroidery unit, software packaging that would allow me to do everything(or so I was told) plus the machine, feet it was a good deal. I think it was close to $4000.00+ and that was that many years ago. I've enjoyed her and still do, but I do wish she had the adaptability to get a BSR. I figured this would be my last sewing machine and that's how I sold the idea to my husband for the expense.
I've upgraded my software for editing and designing the embroidery Artista 2 additional times, each time another investment and being told, that with this upgrade, I'd be able to do anything I wanted. Not the truth. The last version I purchased was Version 5 and I was dealing with health issues and became very upset for the feeling of being victimized by that dealer when trying to get my software upgraded. I haven't been back there since! When I've tried to make a couple of different dealers go good for what was promised, I'm passed off and told the dongle I have is what it is, that what was promised, doesn't make since, even though they were the ones which promised it to begin with. So I am very disgruntled there.

Future buyers, beware, Bernina has excellent products and most dealers are thorough and caring, but there are others, some just starting out that promise this and that to make a sale and then say, no no, that can't be, it doesn't make sense, so get it anything in writing and make them produce what they sell!!

I would love to get another Bernina with a BSR. I sew many things but lately, mostly use my machine for quilting and the Basic Stitch Regulator besides a longer arm would be ideal for me. The Bernina 830 is a beauty, but with the cost of $11,999.00 or there abouts it is totally out of my price range. Maybe an Aurora 440 or something like that could fill the bill but I am resistant until my software program is working correctly and I am satisfied. I feel like I have invested enough. So I'll make do with what I have. Go figure, I sewed and quilted on a Montgomery Ward sewing machine for over 25 years making, roman shades, canopies, clothing, curtains, quilts, anything and that I only paid $129.00. What a deal, boy, I wish that store was still around.

Stay well and Happy Stitching
an abused Bernina Lover

While writing this I am surprising myself with the regressed anger I still feel over the investments in the Artista software. Maybe I'll switch brands, maybe to the Husquevarna's which are also readily available in my area. My Mom has the Rose and thoroughly loves it, I call her machine, "my baby sister Rose". I think I could except I wasn't that thrilled with the quality of their stitch look. I found the Bernina stitch to look superior. Oh well, Nuf said.

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