Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stash Busting

Despite pain rearing it's ugly head recently because of my back injury, I have been able to accomplish some stash busting. Now don't laugh, this first picture is of juice containers that were stored in a box on the sewing room floor. They were left over from my PGD#1 preschool program. While celebrating Earth Day and focusing on recycling, I asked her teacher if I could have the empty juice containers. The teacher asked why I wanted them while she gladly gave them to me. This is why:

I told her my idea. Not to bad for a first attempt without a pattern. I had seen some purses and bags made out of recyled juicy bags a year or two ago and thought I'd attempt to make one. The teacher even collected some more containers for me on other days too. So, since school will be out shortly I figured I'd better jump to this project and get it done.

DH likes the way its finished and kepts suggesting I try to eliminate my "Big Quilt" projects and focus more on the smaller ones that I have been finishing lately. Little does he know, that the larger ones are sometimes too painful to attempt, so that is why I've been focusing on the smaller ones. DUH! Oh well, he's a keeper.

I have been trying not to let this condition identify who I am. I don't want to be the sort of person who only talks about their complaints and physical ailments. That's why, even here, I try to focus on the positives happening in my life, so I try not to mention the disabling effects of my injury. I can't deal with any more negatives lately and seem to have a very short patience for any that land in my life. If I see or feel something that is too draining or hurtful, I'll pull back and not want it to be a part of my life. There is only so much one person can stand.

My other major accomplishment is busting out some flannel fabrics I had cut out this past March to make crib sheets. Glad to report that 5 standard size crib sheets are made, 2 portable crib size sheets made and 1 crib sheet mended that DD had asked me to fix. Incidentally, the mended sheet has only been here for 2-3 months too. The photo only shows the portable size and mended sheets. I didn't think showing pictures of all would be too exciting or photogenic if you know what I mean.
Well enjoy your day. DH has another Doctors appointment today so will be in town doing errands. A close friend's daughter is having her shower next week, so I best get a gift in for that besides a gift for a baby shower I couldn't get to and I just heard the baby boy is now thriving! Oooops, I'm behind the eight ball again.


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