Thursday, July 23, 2009

Computer Woes Again.....

You won't be seeing anything on this blog for a while. My computer got fried during an electrical storm so I am going through withdrawal big time. I'm at a friends house to update this little link. Right now best buy has sent it out and I'm anxiously waiting my CPU to be returned.
Besides that, we are changing our ISP. The work order is slated to get that in the end of July. So nothing major wrong, just electronic woes. So hopefully I'll be back in August.

When at home I've been plodding along with my Patience corners humpjumper. Love the colorway and glad I'm putting in the lime green though DH and son both think the colors are wrong, I'm liking it. Here's a peek.

I also finished my London Tour bus counted cross stitch. I did change the wording for the Tour bus, but I'm not sure if I truly like the placement and spacing of it. What do you think?

Stay Well and Happy stitching.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

America celebrates her Birthday today. Thanks to all who helped develop her into the amazing country she is. I know she is young compared to many of the older countries of our fore fathers, but she is a country where all things are possible.

The liberties we Americans have are incredible. I am not naive and do realize the facade that many of our establishments have, but I also believe the ideas on how they started are altruistic, it's just the greed and power struggles of the many that have tainted a beautiful dream and have tarnished the present state with corruption within these agencies.

In my positive thinking, I believe that the final result is not yet here, that all beliefs are plausible and possible, if we just put action behind our thoughts, the world will truly indeed be a better place. Each one of us makes a difference be it by thought, service, courage and/or perseverance

So Happy Birthday America, and I wish you to continue to be a symbol of strength, hope and dreams for the many in this world who are still trod upon. Liberty is a beautiful thing.


Friday, July 3, 2009

photo of queens guard so I can stitch it

Yep, you guessed it. I started this awhile ago and have lost my pattern. Looked all over for it and cannot find it. I purchased the pattern while visiting London 9+ years ago. While taking images of other patterns of this same London line, I realized I might be able to finish it if I photographed it and could use the photo to finish the hand areas that are left. Watch. When I fudge through this I'll find my pattern.

Wish me LUCK!

Rain in the North Country

On one of my groups I belong to, another member had posted this poem. It is perfect for the weather we are experiencing here. The lady who posted this didn't say she wrote it or gives any other credit towards the talented author whoever they may be, it acctually could be her.

"Rain in the North Country"

For weeks it's been raining,
My energy's draining.
My fabric feels damp,
My brain has a cramp.
Ive lost motivation.
I need a vacation!
I'd go someplace sunny,
If I had some money.
Instead, I'm stuck here,
Where the weather is drear.
Since I'm trapped indoors,
I'll vacuum the floors.
It's better, I think,
Than turning to drink.
Still, whiskey on ice
Does sound pretty nice.
If it's raining tomorrow,
Then I'll drown my sorrow.

Rain or shine, Stashbusters, it's time to vacuum that floor!
Contributed by: --Margaret in soggy New Hampshire, aka Ms. Wacky Vaccy

Hope you enjoyed it.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

PGS#1 Coming Home

While watching my two youngest grandchildren I saw an idea here about a rainbow cake and thought that would be a great idea for a project to do for his coming home.

I also realized that when I posted my pictures of the counted cross stitch kits on this page, I could actually see some of the details of the queens Life Guard, so perhaps, after stitching on the tour bus, I'll try to complete the guard by looking at the photo on my computer after I enlarge it. I know all the colors and most of the stitching is completed, just need to attend to the details. I'll keep looking in the mean time.