Thursday, July 23, 2009

Computer Woes Again.....

You won't be seeing anything on this blog for a while. My computer got fried during an electrical storm so I am going through withdrawal big time. I'm at a friends house to update this little link. Right now best buy has sent it out and I'm anxiously waiting my CPU to be returned.
Besides that, we are changing our ISP. The work order is slated to get that in the end of July. So nothing major wrong, just electronic woes. So hopefully I'll be back in August.

When at home I've been plodding along with my Patience corners humpjumper. Love the colorway and glad I'm putting in the lime green though DH and son both think the colors are wrong, I'm liking it. Here's a peek.

I also finished my London Tour bus counted cross stitch. I did change the wording for the Tour bus, but I'm not sure if I truly like the placement and spacing of it. What do you think?

Stay Well and Happy stitching.

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