Sunday, August 30, 2009

Light at the end of the electronic tunnel?

Woo Hoo! Best Buy just called, they may have my computer fixed.....maybe by tomorrow. If not probably Tuesday. Boy, DH and I have been going through computer withdrawal big time! Say some prayers Pleez.
I just found this blog and she is having a giveaway. I just had to sign up since I feel like our ship is coming in and who knows, lady luck may be riding on my shoulder now.

For another project that is finished, I did finally get the D9P done for PGS#3. But I did run into trouble a couple of times while placing the binding on.
*Besides the previous post of being short 3", I actually found a couple of 5" squares in my scrap basket while getting some scraps to my Mom to cut up. (She's the best! She came North for 5-6 weeks and didn't bring her sewing machine. So she asked me if I had any scraps I wanted cut up. VBG here! Well, One of my favorite mottos is - "Ask and Ye shall receive". 8~) So a very Lucky day for me times 2, I found more of the navy blue binding fabric to finish the binding, besides getting some of my scraps more organized.)

I had only about 12" left to hand sew the binding so it would be finished and drats!
*While snipping a thread, I cut the folded edge of the binding. Courtesy of my hand coordination with my ongoing neck and back problem of a herniated disc pinching my spinal cord (its affecting my extremities). Thank G-- I had enough of the navy binding to fix that and redo it with a 2" patch. Anyhow, a long story short.... TaDa! It's done. Hallelujah and heartfelt Amen.

Next, Hummm..... finish cross stitching my first Biscornu or work on the Patience Corners - humpjumper I started this past spring.

Happy Stitchin,

PS: While posting PGS#3's quilt, I took photo's of PGD#1's quilt too with her favorite block of the lion family. This quilt was finiished several years ago, BB.(before Blogging)