Saturday, September 19, 2009

Home from Camping and Computer Back!

Yippee about finally getting our computer back. I love my desktop. With fixing the computer and the Internet service provider, we just had to replace our router, and mouse for the lap top, now to get it all fixed and working correctly is the next thing. In my feeble attempts, I get one working and then try to get the wireless signal for the lap top, 1 minute it's working the next it's not. Urgggg! I guess I'll have to get some help.

We pulled our camper back home. It's a 77 Prowler that I fondly call our "vintage camper". I used to call it our "shaggin wagon", but too many people had pre-conceived ideas with that name. So, I recently started calling it our vintage camper. It really is cute all set up with Adirondck themed necessities. Had to remake all the curtains a year or two ago so I used a border print with pine trees, bears and deer. The colors of course are cream, green, a little gold, brown and black. So I was able to find some black coffee/tea cups, a tray with deer and foliage decorating the corner of the kitchen counter (besides being useful to tote food and cooking items inside and out), tan and brown bedding for the master area, and a black wire basket on the dining table holding the appropriate fruits, besides linens and towels that coordinate and hand made soaps for the bath and the kitchen (would you believe they even have a bear or deer on them and they smell of chocolate, what's not to love!). Another wicker basket painted dark green holds books, magazines and the current needle work project.

I really enjoyed the camping. We went camping for 7 weeks this summer. I was able to finish the stitching and assembling of my first biscornu, read 7-8 books, walking, hiking, biking, a little kayaking and a lot of rest. It was great to get away from the house too. When we returned home for little pitstops at times, DH and I were both able to accomplish alot in the little bit of time we were home.

While camping by the Lake Champlain, we enjoyed the beach, lakeside walks, bike rides and watching many people with Kite surfing. The last was Wild! They would fly upwards 20-30 feet and do some aerials while having the surfboard attached to their feet and flip in the other direction. Of course being a quilter and in my little "No-Name Quilt group" we did the Ricky Tims convergence wallhanging with fabric a dear friend Trudy brought back from LaVeta Colorodo. So I thought, WOW! Quilting some of these Kite surfering silhouettes into that wallhanging would be fantastic, and be a converenge of energies of our Lake Champlain. So I snapped quite a few photos of them. It will be interesting to see if I can actually transform this idea onto my wallhanging. Time will tell.

The first photo shows all the additional kites that were on standby, either I assume the surfers were resting or waiting to surf and helping some of the newer participants to the lake. Several surfers went 1000s of yards into the lake too. There were already quite a few on the lake f course, besides the windsurfers and the little sunfish sailors loving the elements. Spendid to watch.

Well, too much to do and alot to post at another time.


Coming back to post another event we were lucky enough to able to witness. The 90 mile race. I'll let the photos do the talking.

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