Sunday, November 15, 2009

Have you ever wondered...

I love shopping for fabric and textiles, but probably really should say anything to do with my latest obsession or focalized hobby. When I visit quilt shops, I could be there for hours, checking out all the new fabric lines, looking and learning the manufacturer and designers on the labels. Of course feeling the fabric and imagining how I could incorporate this "new" gem into my stash. Now with being on the next no-buy challenge through the stashbusters group I belong too, I have almost stopped any frivolous purchases. I still love to go into the shops though and just browse. BUt I seriously never thought about how those lovelies get on the bolt. Surprising!
While visiting a blog I frequent, I saw how fabrics are placed onto the bolts. If your interested, check out this posting on Beth Ferrier's blog.
Interesting how the machine puts the fold in the fabric when wrapping it onto the bolts. You'll see the rolls waiting on the shelves, followed by the bolts stacked and waiting on the shelves. I wonder how many steps it takes from start to finish.
Excuse me while I'm pondering. Well, I'm off to get to some things I need to attend to.

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