Friday, December 4, 2009

First week of December,

Today is a cooking day while watching PGD#1. Sugar cookies done this am, turkey soup fixings all finished up for lunch and then onto a French Onion Soup with Roast beef for dinnertime.

While visiting all the doctors appointments lately in town and in Vermont, we were able to get some of the Christmas and Birthday shopping done. I also was able to add to my stash while traveling to RI last weekend, so now all I want to do is find some time to stay home and play with my fibers and toys.
The Alphabet sampler I started last Friday in my nephew's driveway is all done and I love that it's only been 1 week from start to finish. (Another little happy jig going on.) The colors recommended for it were Linen DMC threads and I did go with one linen -L223, the other 2 colours I used selected on my own. I'll share what I did when I get it framed and photographed. I was able to pick up another 8" square frame in VT on Wednesday, but I think a larger frame would be better since they look so much better when framed with a mat. I'll have to check out what is available at Michaels tomorrow when I go into town for a class I'm taking. I'm taking the scrap therapy class offered at a LQS.

A good friend passed away suddenly this afternoon so my dinner plans went amuck. But friendships are such a powerful thing, that you have to honor and cherish when needed. Say prayers please.

Be Well,

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