Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I think I have finally figured it out.

I have the long lines table runner that has been on my UFO list for quite awhile. I figured out how I wanted to back it and have that completed. Now to layer it and quilt it, bind it and call it done and SCREEEECH! The brakes slammed on really hard a couple of weeks ago.

I am using a black batting for my first time si I can try it out on this runner and I am glad about that. But with the front and back being different sizes I hesitate on continuing. I didn't do like I normally do and make a larger backing and hack it down to the correct size after it's quilted. Since they are both table runners I want to make sure it is placed/lined up correctly and won't be catywumpus and wonky if you know what I mean. ;~)
So an idea came to me today, I'll report on it after I attempt it, but I'm thinking it will work.

Also, I love Leah Day's 365 days of free motion quilting that she is showing and sharing. Initially I had thought of attempting to stitch them out on a gridded fabric that was layered, batted and backed. But when talking with a friend recently I mentioned I thought I would use a new notebook and draw them out. Yep! That's what I'm doing. I am up to Day 23 so far. Here's what it looks like.

I love it and find doing the hand movements almost a zen like quality. With this bound notebook I'll be able to have a reference of each stitch to look up and browse through for any future projects. I did purchase the Clover Self threading needles through her sight besides the suctioned cup magnetic holder for keeping it near my sewing machine. I know many quilter's mention the magnetic field isn't that strong with computerized machines and it's okay to use them on them, but I rather be a little inconvenienced and safe. SO my needle holder is placed on the top front drawer of a thread chest that is near my machine BUT NOT ON IT.

Yesterday PGD#1 and I played in the snow for one hour. We did try a snow man first without any luck. The snow didn't seem to pack that well. So instead we made snow angels, played princess and prince travelling through the forest and then a game she came up with of following each other after a 40 second delay and not peeking, by the tracks made in the snow. Of course we both were tired out and very happy when we got back inside.

She's is an angel in whatever she does and I really love spending so much quality time with her.

Enjoy your day.

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