Sunday, December 13, 2009

On a rolllllll......

Would you believe a second finish in as many days? I am so thrilled and I really am feeling great with these tiny successes. On this previous post I mentioned trying to focus on that doll blanket and get it finished for PGD#1.

With this little quilt, I put alot of stitches into it. First with the daisy stitching floral trim at the skirt bottom and then outlining different areas on the bodice, waist and sleeves to try to show more orange. I also ripped out the red flower and did an orange spiderwed rose with a tiny satin ribbon. Nice match with the intended binding. Orange is my PGD#1's most favorite color. Quite an unusual color for a child to prefer and she's loved it for over 2 years now.

I used a polyester for the satin backing and just did a medium size stipple in the background of the quilt. Had to use a ball point needle so I wouldn't tear any of the backing fabric or get any puckers. That just wouldn't do! I am happy it turned out so well. With my back and shoulder problem, sometimes the pain is difficult to try to do some things, but I persevered.
The satin double fold ribbon wasn't too bad to use as the binding, but the way I did it was a very backwards system if looked at by any professional standards! LOL I pinned the binding on and created mitered corners onto both sides of each corner. Then removed it from the quilt top, sewed the darts to make the miters and then pressed the "dart" open so no seams could be seen and to off set the weight difference. Promptly re-pinned it back onto the quilt to connect the ends and make a a circular of binding. Then, drumroll maestro, reattached the binding via pins then finally stitched inplace with 2 rows of stitching, making sure to catch both sides at once. The front is perfect and the back isn't too bad.
For the "piece de resistance"- Crystals attached in a pleasing manner according to this artist's discretion. Who said angels don't wear jewels? In my world they do. Hehe.
And this picture shows some of the details.

I know PGD#1 will be wrapping her babies in it tomorrow when she comes and will be dragging it all over, she is such a wonderful little Mommy. It will be loved. The other 2 dollie quilts she carries around with her babies are well travelled so far. One was made by my Mom and the other by me. This one is a combo of both of our efforts. Just thinking that with this one being so white, I might suggest she leave it on the babie's bed at home or here. We'll see how that is accepted. But she will have the final say about it's use.

Well I'm off to enjoy a Christmas Concert this evening. Several family members, brother, sister, nieces and nephews will be in. I do enjoy concerts, but especially this time of year.

Happy Stitching,

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