Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Small family gatherings

My Thanksgiving Holiday was wonderful. All my children and grandchildren came home except for PGS#1 for the holiday. A wonderful feast which I know I contributed the least amount ever in my life. Only had to make 4 pies and some of the condiments like cranberry sauce, pickles and stuff. All other dishes were provided by my daughter and my son and his wife. The menu was wonderful. Ham stuffed with collards(thanks M), Deep fried turkey(thanks S), roasted turkey(S), parsnips and carrots(M), squash(S&DH), green bean casserole(M), stuffing(S), mashed potatoes(DH), gravy(S&DH), celery with cream cheese(T) were the items at the table. Besdies all that comraderie and family fellowship.
With so many entries, I only took one tablespoon of each and felt totally satisfied and blessed. We have so much to be grateful for and feel wonderfully blessed with living in this country so with a umble heart I wish the people throughout the world to have enough. Enough food to elimuinate starvation and disease. Enough liberty to enjoy their family fellowship, religious beliefs, and political freedoms. Enough peace without feeling threatened by bullies to provide for their family. Enough joy to be able to look forward to the next day. As well as Enough love to know that they matter in this world. Namaste.

As for my UFOs I am currently stitching an alphabet sampler I mentioned in this previous post. Working it with DMC Linen thread L223, DMC Metallic-Jewel Effects E316(5288), and I still have to decide what the third color will be yet. I'll audition it more after completing these 2 other colors first. Using an Aida 14 count white cloth. While traveling to RI to visit with Mom and a couple of brothers this past weekend, it was the perfect transportable project. It was a Quick trip, but it was nice to reconnect with them. This was the last year that my eldest brother will be hosting it. He's offering the "torch" onto a younger sister to host since she has been wanting/offering to have it.
As for the angel doll blanket, I now have to quilt it and bind it. The embroidery part is finished, and I found some hot-fix crystals that will be perfect for it that I'll probably adhere in the waist band area after it's done.

Happy Stitching,

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