Friday, January 22, 2010

Snowman for all types

People who know me know I love to decorate for the different seasons and Holidays that occur. I've been doing that for the past 19 years. It happened after I realized that my home seemed empty after removing all of our Christmas decorations one year. Since then, I do the typical vignettes for the Holidays. January and February are for Snowmen.
Here's a sampling of the quilted and homemade snowmen around my home right now.

This one is "Snow friends" and was a pattern I had and finished about 4-5 years ago. On this wall hanging I used the buttons from 4 different woman's button boxes. These women , not including myself had a strong impact on my life. So with each button I sewed on I gave mental thanks and blessigns for their influence on my life. Wonder who they were? It's my Mom, my Maternal Grandmother all my siblings call GiGi and my Mother In Law. All loved by me and appreciated for all their qualities and traits.

This little table mat sits on the dining room table. I borrowed this pattern from a good friend Nancy. She was making these table mats left and right and got me addicted to them. I think I have 3 more cut and ready to assemble, now just to find them.

This last penny wool table mat I finished from a kit, I think it may have been from Keepsake Quilting. When I saw it, I just loved it and knowing that I could use it for the January Snowmen theme besides flowing into February with the hearts and love theme it would be perfect for these 2 months.

And now, for the piece de resistance....

a stuffed snowman that my now 13 year old grandson made about 6-7 years ago.

It stands about 24 inches high and is quite formidable when you see it. When PGD#1 saw it she prompty mentioned, "I want to make one." I'll have to come up with something appropriate for her. This sits on top of the kitchen closet soffett.


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