Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's going on...

As for what I'm doing, here's a sneak peak. Any ideas? DO you think you know what it is?

As for the 365 free motion quilting designs that
Leah Day is posting, I have been able to catch up and am current with drawing out the designs in my little journal. I plan to use this as a reference and at the same time practice drawing out the designs as she presents them. Each time I grab the pen and attempt to draw her design idea, a zen-like quality falls over me. They are all being illustrated rahter well in my feeble attempts and at the bottom section of each page, I note of how to start or the highpoints needed to do it. Over all it's a pleasing task and I'm thankful she is sharing them so generously.

A friend is having surgery today for a total knee replacement. So I am saying prayers and hoping everything goes off without a hitch. The surgeon that is doing her repalcement is one of the area Doctors that I have great faith in. This same surgeon is the one I followed up with after travelling back from South Dakota with a multiple L ankle fracture that was repaired at the Spearfish Hospital with a plate and 9 pins, so I know she's in good hands.

Stay Well and Warm and
Happy Stitching,

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Nancy said...

This is a great way to keep a hard copy of Leah Day's designs.