Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stash Report #9 and Dragonfly Star Quilt

Phew! This quilt was finished just in time to give away for a baby shower gift. My friend is going to be a grandma again, this time for a little grand daughter due in the Spring. The Mother wanted dragonflies for her nursery theme. But since I had purchased this little kit in pink before I got the invitation and knew her theme, I finshed the quilt and quilted rambling dragonflies throughout for the quilting design. Some look like they have gone through a nuclear holocast, but in my book, dragonflies thay are. For the backing, I used the pink Minkee I picked up on sale earlier this month.

Also, my stash report for this week is finally going in the right number again.

Used this week: 3.5 yards
Used Year To date: 11 yards

Added This week: 0 yards
Added Year To Date: 37.5 yards

Net Fabric Gained (Loss or used): 26.5 yards

Check out how the other participants in Judy Laquidera's stash reporting are doing.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shopping to Maryland and back

While away the shopping was fantastic. LL Bean and Coldwater Creek are 2 of my favorite stores. It is so nice to own a top and then have a catolog delivered to my home and viola, the shirt I fall in love with in the catalog is hanging in my closet already. Too cool! The LL Bean was an outlet store and the deals were wonderful. I am not a shopaholic, but seem to turn into one when the possibilities are present. It's probably a good thing that I live a rural life.
On the way to visit my sister and on the way back home, I stopped and shopped at several stores for my breaks from driving that distance and realign my back and spine. At The Stitching Post in Cantonville, Maryland my quest for linen for a CXS (Counted Cross Stitch) fabric that I needed for a pattern I bought several years ago was realized. Besides that, I acquired a couple more skeins of The thread gatherer silk threads for another project, Alpine Sesasons by Martina Weber aka Chatelaine Designs. I also purchased some other items and kits. Oh, I do wish that a needlework shop was closer to where I live. Of course I had googled some quilt shops for the ride and to have something to do for my frequent stops and I picked up a couple of items at those too. But really did keep the spending down at those sights. Since becoming a stashbuster, I do shop my stash first and this has really stopped my frivolous expense because a fabric caught my eye. Now I let the quilt stores store it for me. When I need something, I'll shop fabric then.

One thing I tried and found out that I love, love, love is the hand lotion called "Gloves in a Bottle". It's amazing how great my hands felt after a couple of applications. I guess I should have purchased some when I saw it but wasn't sure how it would work. This will be my next quest and perhaps I'll get a bottle for my Mom too. It's not greasy and will not soil your textiles supposedly but protects your skin, leaving it fresh as a baby's bum.

Well off to get the baby quilt done that is being given away tomorrow. Enjoy your day.


Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm back....

My trip was wonderful. Visiting with sis and my brother in law was great. Shopping became painful both physically and wallet-wise (VBG) but what incredible savings. Saw some touristy areas and sights that I have wanted to see for awhile.

Do you know where these photos were taken?

Yep, you guessed it the Library of Congress. What an amazing building. Since I enjoy reading and have read many books mentioning the rare book room, I wanted to experience that. I was told at the reception area that to enter that room, I needed to get a reader card and that was available in another building, the Madison building. So it was explained to me that I could go downstairs and use the tunnels to get to it. Amazing! Another city under a city. I have heard and read about these connecting tunnels, so I am glad I was able to use them to get my card. Eventaully saw the Rare books room, and then found out that only employees are able to go in the rare book vault. That made sense. So after awhile I found myself on my way to connect to a tour group, I noticed directions to the children's reading room. Went there first and visited that area. Had a lovely visit with the Director of that division. When we finished our conversations, she allowed me to use the backway to get to the next area I needed to go. The spiral staircase. I think this was mentioned in the Time Travelers Wife novel, but I am not sure. SWEET! Enjoyed the tour, but since I had a late start due to my back injury rearing it's ugly head, the Jefferson collection that I also wanted to see was now closed. Oh well, another time perhaps. Afterwards there was time to see the gem and mineral exhibit at the National Museum for Natural History. Getting to see the Hope diamond and the other gems was another check off my bucket list. Lovely!

Then my sister and I went on a little day trip:

Mount Vernon was great. The displays and information given was very interesting and we both enjoyed it immensely. Did you know George Washington had 5 farms? Mount Vernon was called the "Mansion Farm". It was inredible to walk in the same place as many historic figures have walked, how humbling.

Our last day together we thought we'd visit this:

DRATS! All the tickets were sold out. We hadn't reserved any. While I was checking at the window for any cancellations and their policy on it, a lady approached my sister with one ticket that was pre-paid. She asked if anyone wanted a ticket that needed to be used within a 10 minute timeframe. So... my sister gladly accepted it and then she gave it to me. Saying that she and her husband can easily return to see the exhibit before it closes next month, whereas for me it would be impossible with the travelling to get back down to see it. What sweethearts, they walked around and went to a coffee shop while I got to see The Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. Another item that was on my bucket list now checked off. In appreciation, I treated us all to a wonderful dinner at a little dinner grill in downtown DC. Wonderful trip and it's great to be home.


PS: The terra cotta warrior photos are not mine. I found them on line when I googled the subject since no photography was allowed in the exhibit. All of these items or items just like what is pictured were in the museum with the exception of the photo showing the terra cotta warriors being dug out at the sight where they were found. An amazing thought that Emperor Qinshihuang's (r. 221-207 BC) wanted to have for his tomb so he would have his armies to defend him in the afterlife. Who said you can't take it with you? (Chuckling) Can you imagine 8000 warriors with weapons, musicians, cranes, horses and carriages besides a landscape made to mimick the lands he ruled over were all made and buried for his necropolis. Amazing!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stash report week #8

Check out how the other participants in Judy Laquidera's stash reporting are doing. My stash report for this week is totally in the wrong direction BUT was necessary:

Used this week: 2.5 yards
Used Year To date: 7.5 yards

Added This week: 27.5 yards
Added Year To Date: 37.5 yards

Net Fabric Gained (Loss or used): 30.0 yards

Still vacationing in Maryland and having a grand time with my sister and Brother in Law. Will catch up later.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

OWOH winner

Lucky Me! I was notified by Megg that I won her Mystic Lake Painting. She had hundreds of comments to win this painting she just made and she picked my comment as the winner. I love it and I haven't seen it in real life yet. The photo she took is very close to her finished painting. Some people just amaze me with their talents. Me, I have trouble drawing a straight line and that's no exaggeration.
Check out her blog and you'll find one talented, and gutsy artist carving her own style.
Traveling in Maryland today while visitng my sister. You won't be hearing from me for a week or more until I get back. Stay well and be....


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am so glad I'm not on the Official No Buy Challenge through stashbusters this year. A local quilt shop had a wonderful sale this past weekend (as she does every year at this time) so I went to get some backing needed for my Montana Log Cabin quilt I have going. With 25% off everything and No tax, I ended up buying another bolt of Robert Kaufman Black besides a few other things. I already used almost all of my last bolt of Kaufman Black and I do gravitate towards this color often, so thought I'd splurge and get another, especially with this price. Who could refuse? I went light on my spending compared to previous years, that I am so proud of myself. Here is what I purchased at the LQS:

The yellow minkee is what I'll be using for the backing of the Montana Log and in fact, I layered it at the shop since no classes were being held and they had those nice large tables. ;~) I do love some jungle prints and with the zebra fabric being 50% discounted, I knew I'd find a use for it somewhere. Oh no! Am I re justifying my purchases and sliding down a slippery slope again? Nope. Not going hog wild and buying just because a sale, but to use them and progress on my UFO's. The only frivolous purchase besides that zebra fabric was the quilt panel and the sponge bob square pants fat quarter. Not bad, Right? right!

I did stop by Joann's before to get a couple of items during their President's Day sale. With the 50% off coupons and the additional 20% off total purchases coupons I did quite well there too. Here is that photo of what I got.

The pink minkee will be the back for a baby quilt I need to make and give by the end of the month. The rulers since of the 2- 6" x 24" omnigrid that I own, are no where to be found, I needed to get one now. At 50% again a no brainer. The other rulers will come in handy for 2 ufo's I have going on, A pattern of pincushions, 2 applique patches, 2 pillow forms, 2 small pieces of fabric and an artbin case for organizing my creative endeavors. One fabric is for a class in March and the other for lining a bag I want to make with moda charms.
Phew! Janie is a very happy camper. Some times it doesn't take much to make a girl happy, but even though everything was on sale or discounted, I still spent enough. Perhaps it would be cheaper to just buy a quilt when I want one. But where is the fun and challenge in that? No, I think I'll go along my merry way and keep blazing this same quilter's path when I can.

This past weekend, PGD#1 and I went to see the local Adirondack Cowboy Coral ice palace in Saranac Lake. Here are a couple of photos.

It was soooo cold! I love seeing the design each year. This year's festival celebrated the Adirondack Cowboy as it was sketched and sculped into the castle. The winter festval is grand. Usually DH and I will go (with or without family) to watch the fireworks but we couldn't this year. If you ever get a chance to see fireworks in the winter, go. It is so worth it in my estimation. Well need to get off this computer and get dinner.

Stay Warm,

Summary: Yards in - 27.75 yards.
Egads, I'm going in the other direction. As far as the 100 yard stash to the dash. I really better start sewing and finishing the many UFOs so I can get my numbers showing usage and going in the proper direction!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The winner is:

The One World One Heart Giveaway is at it's conclusion. I numbered slips of paper number 1 through and including 140 since that's how many comments were left. Drum roll........the winner is Mitz, number 10.

Mitz said...
I have no doubt that your give-a-way will be wonderful.. thanks for
the opportunity.. tc

While checking out other participants, I noticed very few were quilters, so I thought I needed a gift that could be a nice prize for any persons interests. The prize is a pincushion and a pencil set of chalks. I'll be contacting Mitz so I can get the address.

This is what it looks like.

It's been a pleasure meeting and talking with the many entrants participating with this event. Ta ta for now...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you joy and love.


Stash Report Week #7

Check out how the other participants in Judy Laquidera's stash reporting are doing. My stash report:

Used this week: 2.5 yards
Used Year To date: 5.0 yards

Added This week: 0 yards
Added Year To Date: 10 yards

Net Fabric Gained (Loss or used): 5.0 yards

I have found some time to sew quite a bit this past week and my back and arms are paying for it. But I did get some finishes done. The valence for PGS#3 is done (counted), Patchabilities for February Candy Hearts is done (not counted) and I got a flimsy assembled of the Montana Log Cabin (fabric not yet counted) put together. As mentioned before, I only count when a project is DONE, not cut. Feeling great attitude wise, just wish this body would cooperate.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day with whatever inspires you.


PS: Note to self, with the upcoming baby shower, perhaps this pattern(s) would be perfect.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiltathon weekend

Retreat weekend, sewathon going on, well however you want to phrase it, many of my on line friends are sewing up a storm this weekend. I am amazed of how much every body gets done all the time. They produce a quilt in a week, and it takes me months. OH well, at least I am progressing more than I have been. This back injury surely limits my abilities, too often than not.

The guild my Mom belongs to in FLorida has a UFO challenge. How it works is they have you list some UFO Projects in a list and number them 1-5. Then the chair person draws out a number and you have 2 months to complete it before another number is drawn. So here is a list of the numbers and what Mom and I each plan to do for that respective number.

1-Bear Paw
2-Beth's White and Cream
3-Is her 4- Patch
4-Lone Star
5-Scrap quilt w/ prairie points
6-Moon Glow

1-Alien Invasion
2-PAtience Corners
3-Double Four PAtch
4-Montana Log Cabin
5-Snow friends and Convergence Wallhangings
6-Kashmir IV

Of course the guild has a nominal fee and prizes given out to encourage and add accountability, but I play along in Northern NY unofficially. Previous years I have NOT been too successful at finishing anything within the 2 month constraints, but this year is going to be different. SO the number I need to finish by April 13th is Number 4. Yippee! It's the one I wanted to work on next.

Happy to see progress of pgs#3 valance. I've had this mantra of

"the dreading is worse than the doing"

going on in my head recently thanks to a Ruth, a sage voice on stashbusters and it has liberated me into taking the steps to finally get to it. For such a little thing, it took up quite a bit of yardage. 2.5 yards of stash used. Right now my daughter has it to audition it in the window for the length she wants. I used the hotdog pillowcase method to sew the strips of fabric together for the hem so that way wall of hte seams are contained within. And with the overall width of 92.5 inches I figured it would be difficult to turn. Nope, not with the dimensions I used.
Note to self here: The bottom hem = 11 inches, accent band = 3 inches and the main curtain part = 18 inches. I had to get 3 WOF cuts from each fabric piece to get the required 2.5 mulitiplication in for the finished curtain width of 92.5".
Also was able to finsh a fab four of mine.

Candy Hearts from Patchabilities with a little change to the pattern. Deciding not to do the piecework in the top, that the contrast of the hearts on a solid red ground was better in my eyes so tha't what happened. But to help give it a better finish, I added a small bright white piping before doing the binding. It gave it a nice little frosted effect. I love the white fabric, it has on the selvage M.E. Hordyszynski for Michael Miller and it only has 2 paint chips 1and 5 but this fabric has a beautiful ahnd and an irridescence to it. The hanger provided with this month's kit seemed inferior than their prior months, I wonder if they have a new distributer for them. I might contact Patch-Abilities and let them know my feelings. Thank goodness I had a hanger on hand with a heart motif on it that was much better suited.

Stay well,

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Glorious Winter Day

Usually February is such a frigid month but when the sun shines in the winter, it casts a gorgeous spell onto the Adirondacks. Here are some vistas that are typical of where I live, Enjoy!

Very atypical having the rivers open and flowing at this time of year. Perhaps Spring will be coming sooner than normal.

Enjoy whatever season you have.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stash Report #6

Yee gads! I'm going in the other direction. Here's my report:

Used this week: 1.5 yards
Used Year To date: 4.0 yards

Added This week: 2.25 yards
Added Year To Date: 12.25 yards

Net Fabric Gained (Loss or used): 8.25 yards

I was able to use up some leftover stash to make a crib toy holder for PGS#3.

And this it somewhat it will look like in use, since I just know it will get a lot of that.

The little man is walking around and getting into everything now. He knows the word no, but is literally crushed when he hears it. We'll have to think of a different way to communicate what is okay to be played with and what is not. Excuse the crookedness of the photo, I had to pin it to the back of my living room chair for the best picture and it wasn't the best.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starting a new freebie

I am thinking of starting a new stitching freebie that is being offered by Paula Stoddard. It's called LOVE IS which is suppose to finish at 30" x42". Perhaps I'll shrink it down so it will end up a bit smaller size though.

Another new BOM I want to participate with is SNOWBOUND, a design by Anne Sutton featuring snowmen. Here is the fabric I picked out to use with it and I am going to try to stay up with each month as the patterns are released. Oops, I'm already 2 months behind! Ah shucks...I guess I best be getting this rear in gear. This one I'll be reducing as well.

Ah-hum mm, I might as well fess up too. While in Vt for DH's Doctor appointment I picked up a kit from Knits and Bolts. I had never heard of that quilt shop before and happily stumbled across it while travelling towards Middlebury. Would you believe they have been in business for 5 years. It was a lovely, little shop and it wasn't hard to spend $75.00 either. Of course, I purchased a couple of other items besides the Kit put out by Benartex called Montana Log Cabin. Here's a peak of the fabrics.

Yikes! I've just said in front of the world what I plan on doing and actually adding 3 more projects onto my plethora of UFOs. Nothing will get done with me on this computer either so I'm off. Talk about ambitious or am I just plain Nuts? Time will tell.


Friday, February 5, 2010


Since I broke my ankle while vacationing in South Dakota in 2006, I had not used my cross country skis or snowshoes. To remedy that, DH and I tried our skis out yesterday afternoon. PHEW!!! I am so out of shape. With the medicines I'm on for my back injury dampening my energy (relaxants), being overweight and having asthma, I could only go short distances and then try to catch my breath and reenergize.
Note to self: You need to do more of this! So it wasn't any Olympic event by any means, but we were able to get some exercise out in the cold fresh air and enjoyed it.

For dinner I tried a new recipe I will be calling Chicken Bundles.

4 boneless - skinless chicken breasts cut into thirds (12 pieces)
12 bacon slices
Salt and Pepper to taste
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder
Brown sugar

Cut chicken breast and season with all the spices.
Wrap it with a slice of bacon
Roll it in the brown sugar
Place it in a baking dish with a bit of EVOO
Bake in a 400 degree oven for 30-40 mintues, enough so the chicken is cooked and the bacon a bit crispy.

Yummo! We'll have it again. I got the recipe from Fullbellies and they call it Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken. Very easy and tasty too. It would make an nice dinner presentation with out a lot of fuss. I did fix up some faux potatoes, real potatoes (for DH and for shepard pie another night) and some fresh green beans sauted al dente that had a bit of garlic and onion in it. Usually Dh does the cooking, but I want to get back into the kitchen once in a while. ;~)

Enjoy your day,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little finish

Wednesday was a cold but beautiful day. While traveling to Vermont via the ferry, this is what the sights were like.

The sounds the ferry was making going across the lake sounded like we were travelling through Slush Soup. The field of ice was immense, but not so bad that the farry deviated it's normal path across, as I witnessed 2 years ago. Everytime I cross the ferry in winter time now, I remember the severity of that crossing. It's one that I'll never forget.

Just in time for Valentine's Day my little finish.

Alphabet Heart on 14 ct Aida stitching with 2 threads over 1 thread.
I used a rayon, linen and a metallic thread to stitch this. Using it as a learning piece with stitching the different threads that each had there own unique feel. The linen was rather stiff and a little coarse, the metallic had a tendancy to twist and I didn't want to load the fibers up with thread heaven or anything to dull the reflectivity of it so I proceeded without any. As for the rayon, that was a soft and breakable thread so you had to use shorter lengths of it to maintain it's depth. I was fun to stitch and I'm happy that it's back after a snaffu at the framers. This is the freebie pattern that I mentioned last summer and the project I travelled to Rhode Island at Thanksgiving with. It was stitched relatively quickly, however, I don't report projects as finished unless they are done, done, if you know what I mean. It was picked up at the framers Wednesday Night while coming home from Vt.

Stay Warm,


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WOW! Where has the time gone?

We celebrated our 36th anniversary today. It doesn't seem possible that it has been so long and then again it does. It seems like we have been a team since forever. It was a soothing day with not a lot going on. To celebrate we took a little drive and had a nice lunch out.

While we ate our lunch there were other diners around that we enjoyed watching too. So mesmerizing and peaceful. A memorable day spent at Deer Valley Trails.

Just a quick note, I'll catch up more later.


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