Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shopping to Maryland and back

While away the shopping was fantastic. LL Bean and Coldwater Creek are 2 of my favorite stores. It is so nice to own a top and then have a catolog delivered to my home and viola, the shirt I fall in love with in the catalog is hanging in my closet already. Too cool! The LL Bean was an outlet store and the deals were wonderful. I am not a shopaholic, but seem to turn into one when the possibilities are present. It's probably a good thing that I live a rural life.
On the way to visit my sister and on the way back home, I stopped and shopped at several stores for my breaks from driving that distance and realign my back and spine. At The Stitching Post in Cantonville, Maryland my quest for linen for a CXS (Counted Cross Stitch) fabric that I needed for a pattern I bought several years ago was realized. Besides that, I acquired a couple more skeins of The thread gatherer silk threads for another project, Alpine Sesasons by Martina Weber aka Chatelaine Designs. I also purchased some other items and kits. Oh, I do wish that a needlework shop was closer to where I live. Of course I had googled some quilt shops for the ride and to have something to do for my frequent stops and I picked up a couple of items at those too. But really did keep the spending down at those sights. Since becoming a stashbuster, I do shop my stash first and this has really stopped my frivolous expense because a fabric caught my eye. Now I let the quilt stores store it for me. When I need something, I'll shop fabric then.

One thing I tried and found out that I love, love, love is the hand lotion called "Gloves in a Bottle". It's amazing how great my hands felt after a couple of applications. I guess I should have purchased some when I saw it but wasn't sure how it would work. This will be my next quest and perhaps I'll get a bottle for my Mom too. It's not greasy and will not soil your textiles supposedly but protects your skin, leaving it fresh as a baby's bum.

Well off to get the baby quilt done that is being given away tomorrow. Enjoy your day.


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