Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chubby Charmer

The Chubby Charmer tote bag made with Moda Harmony charm pack and it is quite large. It is noted that a 9x11" baking dish will fit in the bottom, I took the picture with the pattern in the bottom so you could visualize the size. Since it used 3 layer of Pellon Fusible Fleece for it's structual integrity, it does stand on it's own. I did break 2 Universal Schmetz needles while sewing this, so had to change to a titanium needle. After that, I didn't get any more needle breaks.

It's done and also did the Maggie bag with coordinating fabrics. What a darling little bag and a very quick project. I tucked the cell phone into it so it was visible, but it does fit my phone well. I think if I made another for a sunglass case, I'll try to make it a bit wider and hair longer. It's a bit tight for some of my larger sunglasses. Note to self, this would make a nice little thinking of you gift.

So nice to get a couple of things done. I've had the chubby charmer kitted up for the past 6 months with the Moda Charm Pack, Harmony. About time it's done.


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Laurie said...

nice bag, I'm wanting to make a new one....but it's not happening for awhile.