Sunday, April 25, 2010

A couple more ;~)

Yep, that's right. I finished 2 more projects this am before I went to visit and play with friends.
The first finish pictured is my first attempt at a flat fold. Thanks to Vonna from the twisted stitcher, her directions and tutorial were fantastic! I had tried to make my own twist to trim around the perimeter without any success. So while at Joanns this past weekend, I visited the trim rack and found one that would worked perfectly.

10 ct Betsy Ross Linen, 1/1 Perle Cotton #5 purple, pink and dark green; Splendor silk in light and dark pink 4/1 (a delight), and a DMC #52 varigated purple 4/1 ( the overdyed purple didn't have enough variation for my taste), a metal butterfly charm and a mill hill tulip bead.

I really like the finished effect. Would you believe the fabric that worked was actually in the stash. So one whole fat quarter got used. Glad to know how to do this too. It'll save plenty of money with not having to purchase so many frames. And speaking of frames, since Michaels was offering 60% off framing recently, I did bring in the painting that I received from Megg of Australia of the Calderra in her backyard. I can't wait until I get that back to see it. I hope I ordered something that will do it justice. Also brought in the winter whites Counted Cross stitch to get framed. But that would have been an additional $62.00 to get a simple frame for that. I'll wait, don't want DH to get heart failure with my framing expenses, for goodness sakes, it's expensive enough going to the grocery store without adding to the financial burden.

The second finish is the Patch Abilities Chocolate Bunny. Either I'm really, really late or really early. I think I'll just say I'm very early for Easter 2011. LOL What do you think?

I changed how they said to do the eye since many bunnies have a "Pinkish" look around the eye. I choose that color button for the eyeball and decided not to put buttons down his chest. Also, I played with Angelina fibers around the egg he's holding trying to immulate Easter grass with the luster of a colored egg.

Most chocolate bunnies I've eaten, ooops, I mean have seen didn't have buttons on their chocolate. So in their honor, that's how I am displaying this one. LOL
I know, I'm wicked!


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Vonna said...

I love your flatfold :) Good going you!
But the chocolate that is superior!