Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The day started with a picnic next to the Winooski River waterfalls and then a short walk along the river boardwalk. What a gorgeous natural landscape followed by a bit of shopping in the used child's store. SO many great buys on designer clothes, DVDs and toys. After that Echo and Elmo and in that order.

Even though its was busy, it was pleasurable traveling to VT with daughter and her children for the ELMO show at the Flynn on Tuesday evening. Did a little shopping before hand and went to visit ECHO Center before dinner. This was my first visit and I was quite impressed.
Touching a star fish in the salt water tank. It was a great hands on museum for Ecological learning and aquarius themed happenings. Very scientific at a layman's level. Amphibians lectured and exhibited nicely with also some exhibits geared towards pollution and the havoc it can create. Of course sometimes you just have to be a bit silly for teachings to be learned.

Both grandchildren were wonderful and inspired to touch and see many things at the ECHO center in Burlington, Vermont. Afterwards a quiet but quick dinner followed by the main event of why we travelled there. ELMO and friends.

I was really surprised by the time this event took place. Starting at 7pm! What were the promoters thinking? With it being geared towards the younger crowd, it's a wonder there weren't more screaming kids on hand. Towards the beginning of the show, since it's PGS#3 usual bedtime, he had his pacifier. Being a bit disgruntled he hurled it away. YIKES! We were the first row in the balcony, so someone down below got boinked on the head with a juicy pacifier. Sorry! We didn't dare look over to see who got it though. PGS#3 was quite fidgety after that, so my daughter walked in the mezzanine area to comfort him with the backup pacifier while PGD#1 and I watched the rest of the show.

All in all it was a very pleasurable day.


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Lori said...

my sister was traveling with her kids when they were little on a long road trip--one NEVER went without his pacifier. Well, she had ONE in the car, and in playing of game he THREW IT OUT THE WINDOW on the interstate. Yup, rest of trip was rather stressful! I love the idea of hands on fun things with kids, they enjoy it so much!