Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stash Report #15

NADA! Nothing In Nothing OUT. I am so close to finishing several items though so watch out for the next week's numbers. (I can only HOPE!)

Used this week: 0 yards
Used Year To date: 18.75 yds

Added This week: 0 yards
Added Year To Date: 40.5 yards

Net Fabric Gained (Loss or used): 21.75 yards

If you are interested on how other Stashbusters are doing, check out Judy Laquidera's blog. So many participants have really moved some fabric. I'm hoping their diligence rubs off on me. Love all these cyber friends. They are such an inspiration and I'm continuously amazed at how many quilts they produce, especially Judy L. When I grow up, I want to be like her, even though I think we're similar in age. LOL But a girl has to have dreams.

DH is having his 57th Birthday today. Yippee! Who'd have thought 6 years ago that I'd still have him here especially with his heart condition. Cardiac Myopathy with heart failure several times now besides an improved mitral valve regurgition. His heart operates at a 15 ejection fraction. Many said I'd be lucky having him with me for 5years and thankfully he's surpassed that. (Thank you God.) His Doctors keep saying he is their "poster child", that whatever he's doing, to keep it up. I've told him I should get the credit because when I give him a back or chest rub, I pray over him and ask for help and healing. And because of my continiuously caring for him that has aided in his survival. (I know, I'm bad) On his last Doctor's visit, the young intern wrote the slip for blood work to get done and had an added diagnosis on the slip of cardiac pretransplant. Yikes! He didn't have any reactions to that but I did and actually still do. I just hope the longer we can put that off the better. With the marvels of medicine each day new ideas are invented and options available. He now has his second ICD/defribrilator pacemaker placed in his chest which helps regulate the rythums of his heart to optimize it. When I think of my Dad back in 1977, having to wait 30 days for a catherization report to get back from Texas, I am grateful for all the improvements in health care we have seen in the past several decades.

Well the 2 youngest grandchildren are here to day to help me bake a cake and enjoy our day. I hope you enjoy your day too and love those that share your life. It is so precious.



Barb in Mi said...

I cross my fingers and am looking forward to your next reports with maybe some of the projetcs finished... And I hear you on the big stash busters. I am not one myself either, but reporting has helped me keep on track! Health & happiness to your family!

Vicki said...

Any time we can report using the stash, it is good and you sound like your report will be moving soon!! I can't wait to see what you are working on!

Donna said...

I look forward to seeing all those finishes.

May you and DH have many more happy years to come.