Monday, May 17, 2010

Inunshuk and the singing quilter

Last Wednesday our guild had Cathy Miller as the guest lecturer. What a nice presentation she did and for me it was a bit unexpected. Knew she was going to sing and talk about quilts but the way she laid out her program and the frivolous to the depths of feelings were exacted. She is a good entertainer. Of course I had to take some pictures of her quilts as well.

The hexagon quilt is a 1/2" finished size she made out of silk. Each segment has a differnt maze within it.

Her quilts of the New Zealand and many other designs show casing her Mock Mola raw edge technique:

Then her color study quilt (this is not mock mola, it's based on the Bella Bella Paper piece method):

Lastly, the self portrait:

What a charming quilter, singer and song writer. This is what she actually looked like at the class. Notice her vest showing her mock mola designs.

I asked if I could take a picture of her vest and she kindly agreed. Not many woman would say yes to a rear view, but she did whole heartedly!

She also gave a class on her technique of Mock Mola, raw edge applique which I was able to attend. A very nice class and all that attended were very liberated with our bits of creativity.
This is the project another guild member was doing: I think it was Jean W, a very talented quilter.

Lastly, this is the piece I was working on. I chose to make my own highlight fabric with some of my angelina Fibers. It's my Inunshuk.

While traveling to South Dakota back in 2006, they were plenty of stone cairns made along the highways and byways of Ontario standing as witnesses to our travels. It's a human like form stating that you have traveled that way and also as a mode of welcome. It highlighted our road trip and ever since, I 've wanted to make something quilted paying tribute to them and that area.
Just for fun, I added some stitches to the "eye area" of the top rock to make it easier for many to know that it is an Inukshuk beside trying to quilt that word into the side of this little quilt. Not sure if I'll keep that eye design, but I probably will since sometimes a bit of whimsy is necessary.

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