Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Back in September and March 2009, I showed pictures of my sewing space. Mentioning I would to get it reorganized. Long story short, did 1 cabinet and was so overwhelmed and in too much pain, so stopped short of doing anything more. I recently started making strides to reorganize my space again.

The bolts that were moved off the tops of the 3 taller cabinets, stacked on DH's chair.

The bags hanging on the pegboard behind the doors have overgrown too, will be getting rid of quite a few of these.

Stacks of blues, greens and the reds are hiding around the corner, waiting to be fondled and refolded onto the shelves.

The moved cabinets so far, waiting for the shelves to be gently filled. Doesn't it look so much better than when it did when they were crammed full before. Here and here are the blog postings of how it used to look. I think it will be so much better. I just hope I'll be able to come up with some creative storage ideas to remove some of this stuff out of my space. Yet still be close by so when it's needed, I can readily find it.

Enjoy your day.


Lori said...

the good thing about pulling it all out and refolding it is that you FIND some wonderful fabrics you had forgotten about. Your UFO's and PIG's are so organized!

Jo said...

Oh wow! LOVE your stash, I've a bag in the bottom of my wardrobe full of bits of material I'm using to make my daughter a quilt but I'm miles off starting it yet.