Thursday, June 10, 2010

I took the process pledge

The Process Pledge

While checking out a favorite blog of mine, Crazy Mama quilts I noticed this icon and it struck a curiosity within me. So I checked it out at r0ssie's blog. I pledged, will you?


PS: My most current wallhanging is a Patch Abilities kit of Tulip Time that is ready for hand stitching the binding. Since I have to travel to Albany next week, I'm saving it for the car ride. Now which WIP to concentrate on next.
Because one of my mantras is Progress Not Perfection, I will show you how my Country Cottage Needlework - "JOY" is coming along.

With this you'll notice that many of the stitches are just half stitches. A new tip that I learned recently is to count off the stitches with a half stitch, that way while visiting with friends or traveling when it's too difficult or inconvenient to read the chart and count the threads, you can easily finish all those half stitches. Eureka! So with this, I have the leaves outlined and know I just need to fill the area with the correct thread, finish the half stitches, etc. Before I wouldn't allow myself to move around and do different portions at a time. I would have finished one area completely before jumping to the next. But it is fun. Of course I do relapse and will focus more on one section before jumping too far. Currently am focusing on the lower section first. Will continue doing the counting and reading while I can so the fill ins will be the last part finished.

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