Friday, June 4, 2010

Stash Report #22

Sorry this has been so late in the reporting. With the electrical storms passing through last week, we lost power for about 6 hours but more importantly, we lost our internet. Talk about lost!
I tried numerous things that I knew about (very limited) to get us back connected but to no avail. A neighbor and freind is great with computers, so I called for help. His schedule is so crazy and he said he'd call when he got the chance. So while visiting with a friend recently, I mentioned our disconnection with the world and she asked..."Did you call the cable company?" DUH! I thought it was a problem we had to solve ourselves since that how it used to be when we had our ISP through the phone lines, but now with the enet line through our cable for high speed, it is something they should check out and fix. Suficit to say and obviously, we're in business again. AMEN!
So my report for this past Sunday, week #22 is:

My stash report for this week is:

Used this week: 13.5 yards
Used Year To date: 43.25 yds

Added This week: 0 yards
Added Year To Date: 59.5 yards

YTD is a gain of 16.25 yards

Yippee! The numbers are getting closer, only a bit over 16 before I can actually start using up yardage. The main reason so much fabric was used was because I gave some to my Mom for a quilt she'll be making for PGS#2. She shopped my stash and has enough for it and it goes so well with the panel she brought up from Florida for the center section. I'm glad she was able to visit with us for the 4 days that she could. This trip north is a preamble to their summer sojourn. She's back in Florida now and I miss her already. It was great to see her and her manfriend. They'll be back north after their 60th class reunion. Friends set them up on a blind date knowing they were both single and they have been an item ever since.

Will catch up more later, whatever you are doing...enjoy!

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