Monday, July 26, 2010

Back Now...

Sorry it's been so long since my last entry but I was away camping and then to top it off, we had computer problems again.
Erroneously, I turned off the power strip while the computer was trying to shut down. Since a grandson was spending the night and I believe the body needs darkness for whole health and the room he stays in is where the computer glows if not totally turned off. SO, I messed it up badly trying to shut it all down in the middle of the night ( it seemed to be taking forever, I won't be doing that anytime soon again!). A friend was able to get the computer reinstated, but it took awhile with their schedule.

The really hot and humid temperatures we had in the end of June and July made my Asthma kick my butt! The littlest of effort caused me to be short of breath and listless. I languished in my air conditioning, Thank goodness for these small blessings. As for accomplishing any of my UFOs, I have nothing to report.

Now for the beading, a sweet little bangle bracelet was just completed today. To make it I used, 4mm Bicone Crystals from Love it get it- 212 Hyacinth(#21), 15 seed bead charletts in gunmetal as the accent and 15 #9363 a burgandy with a yellow/peach cast from A mano studios for the netting beads.

This was started a couple of months ago then I ran out of the bicones. Just received a small quantity this am from the USPS so I was able to quickly finish it. At least I'll have one UFO done for July. Hopefully, I'll find the mojo and time to attempt a 2nd finish for this month too.

Mom is up for a couple of months, so I am enjoying time with her.

Enjoy your summer, it goes all too quickly,