Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Patch Abilites..

CHECK! Another one completed. These are so sweet to make and I love how they finish up.

I did add some beads into the flower centers for interest. The kit came with little black beads, but since I do have an assortment of my own beads, I came up with this effect for my finish. I actually used three different beads. The orange are triangular while the yellow I used 2 sizes of regular beads.

Summer has been too busy. Between all the Dr's appointments, BBQs, get togethers, weddings,... it has been a blur! This past week, the Day care Center my daughter uses for her 2 little ones was closed for vacation, so we got to enjoy our youngest 2grandchildren whilst helping her out. They are such well behaved children.

When I had activities to keep them engaged for 30-60 minutes it was so much easier then when they just did as they wanted. I called out the Play do, the Fisher Price cars and garage, the animal bag, toy blocks, the jeep the 5 year old GD drives around the yard, swimming and the much needed rest-time (for Meme and Papi) it filled the days quickly.

Here is a photo with PGD#1 having curlers in her hair for the first time. We enjoyed a beauty day polishing the fingernails, washing and blow drying the hair and I was able to talk her into curling her hair. She thought she looked dumb.

Where do they come up with these ideas.

Shortly after removing them from her hair we fixed her dolly's hair too.

Nice to spend some quality time with them, but phew! Meme was very tired!

Her brother is going constantly and he loves his food! I spent more time closing the refrigerator door, trying to keep him out of it. Every 2 hours there was a snack or a meal and then he wasn't as mischievous, he'd be a happy camper. We also know a little trick. The boy (PGS#3) loves vacuums!
Put a vacuum anywhere around and he is busier than ever. Placing the tubes together, into each other and then the tool holder areas on the shop vac. I even used child (really toddler) labor to clean our front steps while they were here. Shhhh.., don't tell any authorities. I do realize about child labor laws, but they were having such fun that I thought I might as well try to get one of my own chores done. VBG!

Here is a recent photo of him. What a cutie pie and a smartie!


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