Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting things done

While traveling on a rainy day, I stumbled across this field of sunflowers. Normally I see these flowers as a perky blessing but on that drizzly overcast day, these are the sorrrowful flowers I ran across. Good to know even God's natural elements are affected by the weather.

AS for getting things done I am, well, sort of anyway. For the canning, we did get 11 pints of mincemeat canned, 35 pints of chow chow and 25 pints of chili sauce. This is our first year doing the chow chow and the chili sauce.
We did open up a jar of both. The chili sauce is wonderful even though it is sweet. We used our DIL's grandmother's recipe. Thanks Chel! I don't think I should use too much of this sauce though with my sugar diagnosis so DH will be one happy husband having to chow down most of it. The chow chow is good, but the baby lima beans I used in it should have been cooked more. That makes it not great but it is still good with al dente lima beans.
The last items yet to be done are the grapes. Since it's raining now, I should be able to get a surplus of juicy grapes for juice. We looked up several ways to can or freeze it and I think we'll be doing it so it needs to be diluted with an equal part of water when wanted for consumption.

As for beading the lime green bangle bracelet I started last month is coming along nicely. It's well over half way done. I hope to complete that by next Monday. Here's a pic of my progress so far.

The CXS that I was working on for most of the summer, ah hum... I mean should have been working on was recently picked up again. The only color I have left is DMC-3031which is a dark brown. The parts left to do are the birds eyes and legs. Then all the stitching will be finished, so it's a good thing I have another 60% off coupon for framing at Michaels.

Status of the Alien quilt is status quo. When the canning process is totally done, I'll be able to use the tables in the garage for sandwiching, so that's at a stand still again. Regarding any machine stitching, I haven't done a stitch since last week so the Miranda Purse is at a stand still. I was able to purchase a perfect pair of handles and a magnetic closure for her which you'll get to see when she's done done.

DH and I went to Glens Falls on Monday. Adirondack Quilts was having a tent sale reducing their inventory so I wanted to check it out. There wasn't a lot that tweaked my interest except... patchabilies, some black batting and 2 pink fabrics that were $3.00 a yard, so nabbed onto those. I just know I'll be able to use them someplace. Of courswe I saw the motorcycle scrap in the scrap bin too and it jumped into my purchases. With all my Harley friends in the lick a chick group, I jsut know I'll be needing this some day.
Of course while there, I did get to Joanns. I purchased a couple of books with the 40% discount, purse handles and a pair of ginghers. I just love those scissors both in using and their looks.
Hope you are enjoying your evening. Hopefully later tonight or tomorrow I can find some time to sew.



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