Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stash Report, Acquisitions and I feel great!

It's been a while since my last stash report and all I can say is that I am glad I am NOT on the No-Buy this year. I have stopped my frivolous spending and only getting what I need to finish a project, ahh..hum, most of the time. BUT today.......I really outdid myself. hehehe.

This first photo are fabrics to make the Miranda Bag, a Lazy Girl Pattern. Oh, I love her patterns! The column of fabrics on the left will be the outside of it while the two on the right will be for the interior. Would you believe that with the 10 sets of purse handles I have in stock, that none of them could work with these fabrics! Guess I'll have to do some more shopping.

Next for display is a selection of cloth to make a quilt for our new camper. We gave our '77 Vintage Prowler to our children to share with their families and we are now the proud owners of a 2002 Prowler tow behind camper. It is really in terrific shape and the color inside is a soft sage. I'll share more about that later.

Dreamcrafters, a fantastic quilt shop in Awkesawne/Hogansburg was having one of their annual sales. Dyan S. (the owner) has such a great eye for color and buys many fabric lines that appeal to me. It always great to go there and besides getting what I need I usually run into friends that I haven't seen for awhile. It's so nice to catch up when you get the chance.

Can you tell I'm drawn to the green, blue and browns today?
This panel would be a great center for some accessories to the "Prowler quilt" and since it was her last one, I purchased it just in case. You know you have to get it when you see it and get enough otherwise you'll forever dread it.
And of course there is still the "stash" to paw through and audition for this quilt too.

I plan to do my own dimensions and design for this quilt. So, not being sure of anything yet, all of that will have to be figured after I finish my backing for the patience Corners Humpjumper king size quilt that is currently being worked on. (That is after the jam, pickling and canning processes are finished up.

The last selection of fabrics will be for a fall jacket for myself. There tends to be alot of brown, black, green, pinks and oranges in my closet at this time of year, besides of course blue jeans, so this combo will work up gorgeously, I hope.

All of these fabrics (except for the 2 silks) were purchased at Joanns with their Labor Day sales going on. The fabrics are silks, wovens and cottons and the plan is to shove them all in the wash together on a gentle cycle and come what may, call it done. I always do this with any apparel fabrics since that's how it will be washed after it's made. Perhaps it'll be best to stabilize the silks and wovens first or prewash them by hand to keep them safe and from unraveling too much.

The backing is done for the Alien Invasion twin size quilt, but since I don't count any fabric used until the project is 100% done, I still can NOT count any that I've used. But using it, I am! With purchasing all the fabrics I did, it's going to shoot the gain way up, but I really don't mind, I needed the retail therapy. You can't create if you don't get your mojo going. So with out any further babbling, my numbers for this week are:

Used this week: 0 yards
Used Year To date: 43.25 yds

Added This week: 24.50 yards
Added Year To Date: 84 yards

YTD is a gain of 40.75 yards

All in all, it was a very nice DAY. 8~) Be sure to stop by Judy Laquidera's blog to see how much fabrics are being used and with what. Great eye candy. Judy and many of these quilters just amaze me wiht how much they get done.



Charlene ♥ SC said...

They're all so lovely, but I love, love, love the selection you've made for the jacket! Prefect for fall - or anytime, really!

Charlene S said...

Enhancement is always more fun than reduction. I love your camper colors. I also need to make quilts for the camper and those colors would be perfect.

SpinningStar said...

Great fabrics - you did well in your purchases - love all of the colors

Lori said...

Very pretty colors. I might have to make a camper quilt too soon.