Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting decorated for Halloween and giveaway of an Accuquilt Go!

I finally am getting more decorated for Halloween. Two weeks ago when I went to my Doctor he ordered an Attends Unit to help me alleviate the continuous pain I live with. So I was instructed on what to do and did follow the directions strictly the next day.
Can I say OUCH! OMG! I couldn't use my arms, hands or walk. DH was asking, "So, how is that helping you?" Can I mention now that he always said this after each Physical therapy Treatment I went to since the exercises crippled me until the next appoint during the week.
I've been told by different physicians that I need to use arms and leg muscles otherwise I'll lose them. Anytime I try to push anything other than light housework and do something I always used to before I herniated my cervical discs I am a very sore and crippled unit. The herniation impinges my spinal cord which affect my neuromuscular anatomy so if I am able to win an Accuquilt Go! would be absolutely heaven sent!

So I have been laid up with pain because of this new treatment again. I called the medical representative and told him this unit was killin* me and that I was hurting so bad. So his advice was to just do the first portion of it and not the muscle stimulation portion. Even that makes it hurt a bit. The best comforts are the hot tub jets massaging the area or an actual massage, when I take the medicine, which helps I turn into a sleeping idiot that can't think or talk. I'm out cold. So it is a rough balance between functioning and being tolerable with the pain. Since I deal with this continuously my typical Halloween decorations were put off. Glad I was able to get to it recently when PGD#1 and PGS#2 stopped by after school and they helped.

Now, since I mentioned the Accuquilt there is a giveaway over at Micki's (a friend in Connemara) blog - Irish Muses. She is fortunate enough to have won an Accuquilt GO! AND now she is able to host a giveaway of another Accuquilt GO! The drawing is on November 5th. So close to my Birthday, wouldn't that be sweet to win something like that so I really shouldn't be spreading the word but I love to share good news, whenever I can.

Stay Well and good luck!

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