Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Life got really hectic. Despite the unexpected hospitalization of my husband, I remain grateful. The Sunday before our Thanksgiving Holiday, he woke up with an awful pressure in his chest. Knowing his diminished cardiac output, I called the ambulance. He ended up hospitalized for a heart attack, his first. Thankfully everything worked out and the Doctors told us he is a mystery. He doesn't have any of the precursors for his heart condition, and with this attack, the catherization showed all the pathways around and in his heart were wide open and no blockages or occlusions were seen, so he remains a mystery. The all agree that most probably he formed a clot and that is what caused the attack and the body resolved it on it's own. So he's back on a regimen of coumadin and is feeling well.

Thankfully for Thanksgiving he was home from the hospital and we spent it quietly and gratefully with family. Of course our plans to visit my brother in Rhode Island was vetoed by common sense but reinforced by the Drs' recommendations. It also had another positive spin that I wasable to see and visit my sister who traveled North from Maryland to be with her in-laws. We did find time to do our typical "Thelma and Louise" getaway for a couple of hours to reconnect and visit without the menfolk around. Just what I needed to restore. So I remain eternally grateful and enjoying my many blessings.


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