Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling better,

It seems as if I'm so behind still. I got sick on Thanksgiving Day and slept most of the day (around 30 hours straight) then slept more than typical in the days that followed. I attributed it to either stress(DH's Heart attack and hospitalization), the flu shot I got 2 days before and then finally as the annual crud I seem to be afflicted with for the past 4-5 years.
SO I fought it with common sense; drinking water, chicken soups, getting plenty of rest, vitamins, taking my inhaler religiously but to no avail. I finally called the Drs for help. My first course of antibiotics and the sinus, ear pain, throat and cough symptoms lightened and I was starting to feel better. 10 days later I finished the RX and then within 3-5 days felt like crap all over again. The ear pain was "killing me" and I was ready to take anything I felt so bad. Another call to the Dr and another 10 day course of antibiotics. I have 1 day left and am finally feeling better and having energy again. I just hope and pray that when I finish this one, I won't get another relapse.
Each winter in the past 5 years, I have to take several long courses of antibiotics, inhalers and even steroids to get my health back. ENOUGH! I am willing for the Drs to take the tonsils, adenoids or whatever else seems to impede the natural drainage necessary so I don't have to suffer with this nonsense any more! I've been told that if I clear up with antibiotics and steroids though that is the best unstead of surgery. Egads!+ I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Recently, I have even been planting seeds in DH's head about possibly needing to be some place warmer at this time of year in future years. In the past when I've been caught up in this crud cycle, we or I have gone to Florida to visit my Mom and within 2 days of being there, the crud is eliminated. SO perhaps I'm similiar to the Victorians of ages ago that need a milder climate for the winter. Great thought huh.

Anyhow, it seems so nice to be able to breathe again that I am pondering my next move in the studio. Which project will be next for my plan of attack? I've been stitching on this little Snowman. It's the first time I've used transfer ease and though I messed up a bit when I started, I was able to save the efforts and still use it, that's why it looks so messy, (I started ironing the wrong side). Dang drugs! It's a This and That pattern called "Snow Much Fun". Isn't he cute!

I also have been considering which challenges I'll be participating with in the coming year. Several have tweaked my interest and i think I may. With that pondering I Wish you all a very Happy, HEALTHY New Year.


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