Saturday, January 8, 2011

What do you think?

Hopefully the binding will be sewn on the #6 UFO project of the bird house quilt tomorrow. But I'm in a quandary, which binding should be used? Initially I had planned on the Brown fabric shown on the left of the above photo. It's the same fabric that I used for the branch hanging down and usually I tend to make sure the binding used is also somewhere on the quilt when I go to finish one. BUT the deeper blue one used on the backing of this looks great with just that little bit of black piping. Which one do you think works best?

Also am thinking of this style of embellishment, Art Glitter to add some life to the icicles. I did try to capture the sparkle, ut it's lost in the photos, trust me though, it has plenty of shine to the naked eye and I think it will be perfect!

While blog hopping I stumbled across a cute idea. PGD#1 and I fixed it this afternoon for her treat after school.

The recipe came from cheeky kitchen and it's called snowman shooters. Of course I adapted it to fit her likes and my dishes. We made a bed of snow out of whipped cream first and then I scooped different sizes of vanilla for the snowman. She decorated the face out of a part of a candy corn and the top parts of 2 hershey kisses. Then she thought about hair and made some out of the cream and used the remnant chocolate piece for a top hat, all her own idea. She had a ball!

Well actually make that 3 balls. She had a lot of fun and she didn't wait too long to scarf it up either!



Marnie said...

I love your birdhouse project and would have to say that I'm partial to the blue binding with the black edge. PGD #1 is adorable! So is the icecream snowman. What a great idea! BTW, you were so close to guessing the correct year on my last blog entry, I have a box of chocolates to put in the mail for you. Will you email me your snail mail?

Hugs! (Stay Warm!)


Lori said...

black piping with blue. The sparkles for the icicles is awesome. Bet it was fun to make and eat the snowman!

Micki said...

Love your project and the recipe looks yummy!

KathyE said...

Too cute! I wish ALL the snow would disappear so quickly.