Monday, February 28, 2011

February's Accomplishments

Amazingly there were two finishes for February. I'll start out about the UFO#10. It's finished! Yippee!!!!!

That's right, here it is framed. While trying to get everything to lie flat and in the proper order the cotton was unravelling further.
Since Roxanne's glue was used, some pieces were stuck hard and true while others wouldn't align themselves in the proper order or placement. So as my friend Trudy does, I reassessed this project.
Where would I use it and how will it be shown?
Did I love this enough to restart with a whole new selection of fabrics?

Answering these questions I knew that proper place to show this was in my trash basket.

Doesn't it look perfect! I am so glad that Judy Laquidera's UFO challenge drew #10 UFO. That monkey has been on my back for over 3 years now and what a relief to call it done! I repurposed the batting to finish the this and that quiltlet, snow much fun. Oh, I also want to let you know that these scraps will be repurposed to stuff a dog bed. So the whole project really is making everybody and even some dogs life easier. Nothing but a happy village in my camp now.

Some of my friends did gather for a mini retreat this past Saturday. Quite a few of our little gathering couldn't;t make it with the roads and the latest storm that passed through. They were missed yet it was still nice to go someplace else to sew, visit and be without so many distractions or interruptions. I was able to finish this little snowman pillow.

"Snow Much Fun" is a This and That pattern was another of my finishes. I worked on it at the retreat and was able to quilt , bind and even label it on Sunday. Perhaps I'm on another roll.
Can I get a whoop, whoop?
This is the project that I had to tear off all of the ink jet transfer medium from when I mistook it for transfer ease. Boy, I'll never do that again.

I really love this little quilt.

When I purchased this kit from my friend Carol, I also purchased another table stand frame. This frame is so versatile! The top scroll piece is interchangeable with other "headers" and each one costs about $10.00 each. The scroll which is on it now is perfect for all seasons so for now, I am very content. You know the saying, sometimes less is more. Why clutter up my home with more headers to store, find and display for different times of the year? In this case, less is definitely more. But just in case for the future. I'm including a photo of the paperwork so when I change my mind, I'll know where to find it other than in my alphabetically ordered indexed pages. I filed it under quilt stand, but you never know how my mind would work in the future.

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile

Life seems to be busy lately, so I really apologise for not posting in a while. Much has been going on with trips with grandchildren to Disney on Ice in Lake Placid, our annual haunt for Daytona 500, friends and family stopping by and the flu. It's been a hectic couple of weeks that I haven't taken the time to post, especially since I haven't progressed on any of my projects either.

I plan on rectifying that. This Saturday a group of friends and I will be at an all day retreat and as far as I know so far, I'll be bringing my smile. I'm not yet sure which project(s) I'll bring. Now for Judy Laquidera's monthly challenge of project #10 being finished for February, yes (red-faced here), it hasn't moved one iota from the design wall. I do plan on having it finished by the end of the month so I guess tomorrow I'll make the time and get going on it. Perhaps, I'll bring it along on Saturday too. Wish me luck, I am truly dragging my heels the whole way on this project so I do need to get thee behind me! ( feels like I'm talking about Saten.


PS: I'll try to be more diligent for future postings too.

Monday, February 14, 2011


There are no finished yet, but i am progressing on a couple of my projects. I actually got some quality stitching time in this past week for the BBD, Easter Parade. This is how it looks so far


A new project I started and am currently in the midst of is purging some of my magazines. You guessed it, no sewing on that table. I've purged about 25 mags and still have a couple of stacks to go as well as the magazine holder indexed paged from the last time I did this. I do save quilt patterns that appeal to me and techniques of how to do a specific technique besides templates for applique or quilt designs that I can see actually doing in my lifetime.

I guess a girl will do anything to postpone a UFO she dreads!

And what little sweetheart these Young cheerleaders were. They participated with a local school's cheerleading program. Of course that DGD#1 with a preschool friend. They were very eager and actually got into it and had fun. I am so glad that she wasn't a shrinking violet even though at age 5, I had expected her to be a bitof onoe. All the training of gymnastics, dance and schools are paying off. Even the routines she didn't know, she could follow along and learned them while on the floor, well enough to pull it off anyway.

The future is in very capable hands I think.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Everyone and the Happiest of Valentines Day to you!

I hope this day is filled with loads of love for you, your friends, your family! However you celebrate, whether it's the love of a husband, dear friend (or stitching friends!) sisters, or furry companions! I hope that your Valentines Day is truly sweet and memorable!


Monday, February 7, 2011

A couple of giveaways

Two blogs I follow are both having wonderful giveaways.

Nataly over at natalysneedle.blogspot has many sweet gifts for the Valentine's Day Giveaway. She does gorgeous stitchiing so I know you'll enjoy the visit.

Then Deborah who also does beautiful but very quickly gorgeous stitching is hosting another giveaway for reaching 300 followers. Her blog is Cranberry Samplings. MAke sure you check out her pom pom pillows, they are so CUTE!

I realize by posting this I am limiting my chances of winning but the giveaways are too nice not to share with you all. Good Luck!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


I had hoped to sew all day today and get a couple of my quilty UFOs ready for super bowl Sunday. BUT a daughter's friend's step dad passed so I'll be watching the youngest grandchildren instead. Since the service is several hours away, that means the whole day. I do mind a bit, I really was counting on sewing and rejuvenating a bit, now those plans are under the bus. I feel selfish writing that and yet knowing Sam, I am truly sorry for her loss, so my plans will acquiesce. With that being said now I will try to conjure up a bit more graciousness and stop my pout!

Recently I won a couple of gorgeous items from ebay. First up is this beautiful pendent/earring set of Lapis jewelry. These pieces are stunning and very substantial besides the craftsmanship exquisitely done. Janice B the seller notated that they are American Indian made. I heart them.

This last photo are the efforts of PGD#1 and myself yesterday. Yes, you are seeing correctly, the frosting is that garish and bright AND she just loved them! While doing these little projects we get to make colors and try out different creative endeavors and of course she loves to lick the bowl and spatulas. Having fun, keeping a little one occupied and I do have to admit, they taste fine!

Enjoy your day,
I'll be super busy with a 2 and 5 year olds
but enjoying mine,


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#10 for the UFO 2011 Challenge

Regarding Judy Laquidera's UFO challenge. The next number drawn was #10- my Happy Villages.

Love the Number 10, hate the thought of getting into my Happy Village Wallhanging. You know that feeling of dread that comes over you. Well, I experienced in the snap of the fingers a feeling of happy elation when I saw 10 that quickly turned into a stomach dropping feeling of dread when I actually realized which UFO I'd have to move on to next. Oh well, dragging my feet now. Hummmm maybe I'll work on the Easter BBD instead. Of course with no school with the snow storm, perhaps I'll just play with PGD#1. Wonder how many other excuses I can come up with?


As you can see with this last photo, I'll need to move these items so I'll be able to find the pieces that fell off my Happy Villages throughout the past year. Oh!!! Setting on the top of the pile on that chair are the parts of my Patience Corners quilt, perhaps that might be another option of something else to work on

The Lord is smiling.....

Yesterday was spent in a neighboring state while DH had some preliminary tests done regarding a probable heart transplant. With his fatigue and diminished heart and physical function, the Cardiologist mentioning a transplant would be probable 1 week before his heart attack and then his heart attack, we both were expecting these tests to prove that transplant would be imminent. Thank God the news is much better than that. NO not a miracle cure but 2 different cardiologist seen both think that perhaps it won't be necessary at all. Also that with the Rxs he is already on, continuing to eat right exercise and rest like he does, that he may actually never have to have a transplant at all. Thankyou Lord and God willing.


We {Heart} Ground Hog's Day!

We celebrate our 37th Anniversary today. When arranging our wedding ceremony years ago, I had heard jokingly of many people forgetting their anniversary dates. So I thought about an appropriate date and with Ground Hog's Day being a holiday and that radio and TV stations would be announcing if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow or not, that it might be the perfect date for our wedding(just in case DH needed a little memory nudge). It has worked beautifully despite or because of my scheming and we celebrated our day a day sooner with a nice dinner out and a bit of shopping. No grand gifts in either direction which is fine in my book but a beautiful dinner out with a couple glasses of beverages. It was even more special because of the Dr's news so it was perfect. As for snow storm today, we are not slammed, but there is enough snow that I'm glad we celebrated last night.

Phil Says Expect an Early Spring!

Phil's official forecast as read February 2nd, 2011, at sunrise at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, PA:

Here Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Groundhog Day, February 2, 2011
Punxsutawney Phil was raised from his burrow
By the call of President Bill Deeley.
He greeted his handlers, Ben Hughes and John Griffiths.

After casting an inquisitive eye towards thousands of his faithful followers,
He proclaimed that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl!

Back to the business at hand...
He surveyed his surroundings carefully and found that there was no shadow around,
So, an early spring it will be.

The good news just keeps coming on in!


For those outside of the United States, here's a link explaining the folk lore of the German tradition of PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL.