Saturday, February 5, 2011


I had hoped to sew all day today and get a couple of my quilty UFOs ready for super bowl Sunday. BUT a daughter's friend's step dad passed so I'll be watching the youngest grandchildren instead. Since the service is several hours away, that means the whole day. I do mind a bit, I really was counting on sewing and rejuvenating a bit, now those plans are under the bus. I feel selfish writing that and yet knowing Sam, I am truly sorry for her loss, so my plans will acquiesce. With that being said now I will try to conjure up a bit more graciousness and stop my pout!

Recently I won a couple of gorgeous items from ebay. First up is this beautiful pendent/earring set of Lapis jewelry. These pieces are stunning and very substantial besides the craftsmanship exquisitely done. Janice B the seller notated that they are American Indian made. I heart them.

This last photo are the efforts of PGD#1 and myself yesterday. Yes, you are seeing correctly, the frosting is that garish and bright AND she just loved them! While doing these little projects we get to make colors and try out different creative endeavors and of course she loves to lick the bowl and spatulas. Having fun, keeping a little one occupied and I do have to admit, they taste fine!

Enjoy your day,
I'll be super busy with a 2 and 5 year olds
but enjoying mine,


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