Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alot has happened

Nothing that extraordinary but I remain busy. This past week did not pan out like I thought. Remember on my last post boasting of a trip I'd be taking with friends to see the "red an white quilt exhibit" in NYC?
Well, I didn't get to go thanks to the dratted intestinal bug I caught. I was actually in bed most of Thursday and Friday this past week and finally got some energy back on Saturday and could actually gain a longer distance from the indoor plumbing. Thanks goodness! Even though I couldn't eat and had no appetite, I was amazed how my body could turn against me so quickly. No spring tonics are needed here for me! Would you believe I also so wanted to go so badly that I got up early Friday morning, ( we were leaving at 4:45am to catch the amtrak train in Albany that left at 8am) and showered, packed my bag/cooler and was hoping that I was over it. But while waiting for Michelle to come pick me up, it sounded like gremlins were rearranging a house in my abdomen. Out came the big girl panties, I put them on and made a hard decision. No NYC for me today. In retrospect I am so glad I did, the worse was soon to come. While visiting Milahs blog, I read a posting about the funniest story she ever read. Oh, if I had made the wrong decision that could have been me, how horrifying! Okay enough about that crap! (sorry, I just could resist, can you tell I'm feeling much better?
This past week I was able to finish two projects. My St. Petersburgh bracelet is finally done! Whoop whoop! The beading portion was done for quite a while but since I still consider myself a novice, I wanted help in the finishing clasp portion. Last weekend my beading group met and Allison gave me the nudge and tutelage needed. Thank you so much Allison, I jsut loved this project! This group of friends are remarkable. What a talented group of wise women they are and I feel honored to be able to connect with them in a creative and essential way.
The second finish is this tote bag I started while away at the quilt retreat I attended 2 weekends ago. It's the first felled seam I've ever done and though I was intimidated a bit, was ableto get it right the first time. Yippee!

Couldn't resist grabbing a snap of it while the snow banks are still so malevolent around here.
That reminds me of a quote I found awhile back. "No matter how long the winter, spring will surely come." written by Anonymous

Please hurry Spring then dally for awhile....

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