Sunday, May 1, 2011

First of May

Alleluia! First of May
Outdoor playing begins today!

This ditty has been in my head for years! It all started with a co-worker 20+ years ago quoting this. Of course I prettied it up a bit so it would be politically correct here lol but ever since on the first of May I think of him. I actually was quite shocked and very surprised when I heard it for the first time but have since learned more and know it's very traditional with the May Day pagan Traditions of the past.

Being a new first, I have been reassessing my projects AGAIN! Lordy I do get into creative messes at times and besides the recent finish of the bracelet my creativity, stitching and sewing was ground to a halt. I have given myself some major slack with all that I had going on in our lives. Besides the typical chores around the house besides the additional bookkeeper, arranger, scheduler, etc.. I now am the official chauffer of my household. DH was able to start cardiac rehab this past week so that is 3 additional trips into town a week. At least while he is there I am motivated to walk city blocks for my own health. I was almost tempted to run errands on his second trip, but brought myself back to the "ME First challenge" and said "NO you need to exercise", (I think I actually said this out loud, so it's no wonder I received some quirky looks, they probably thought I was off my rocker!) so far am managing to keep to that. How silly to see that as an accomplishment, but I really do. I tend to always put everyone else first and have been forcing myself to put me first more, especially this year, 2011.

Yesterday at our Circle of Friends get together I wasn't sure which UFO to bring. So what did I do you might ask? Ahhh... I started a NEW Project of course!

Little Miss Shabby started a QAL in January and I have been saving and printing out the instructions all along. While pondering my selection of what to bring yesterday, I thought those Tina Givens fabrics I have in would be lovely together and a very cheerful coloring to work with so this is what I used to select the threads for stitching those shabby chics!

Not bad for several hours of work. I hope to get this January block done in two weeks. I hope to finish 2 a month until I am caught up with the rest. I like using an interfacing under my embroidery fabric square so my block constructions will be done after the stitching is completed.

Regarding the April UFO CHallenge with Judy Laquidera, I failed terribly this month. Am not beating myself up about it either, just couldn't get to it. This is as far as I got.

Managed to pull all the fabrics and actually started laying them out to audition which strips will be placed where during the construction. The plan is too cut varying widths of fabric and just a quilt as you go mode. Since everything is out, I will be getting to this in May even though another number will be getting pulled.

Looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day. My plan is to tackle many chores so I best get off this computer and actually get to some of them.

Enjoy your day!


Jackie said...

Hello Jane.
I see you have a case of starteritis. LOL.
I would love to see what you will be doing with those fabby's.
I offer my condolence for your dear friend Cheryl. She must have been very special to you and your group.
Thanks for stopping by also dear. I appreciate you.

Carole said...

Starting a new project is always fun! Good for you to take care of yourself. I enjoyed our get together and will miss not joining you guys on the set dates, which I forgot to add to my calender as I was working. I'm thinking of perhaps having you all over in June. I so enjoy each of your company! Enjoy the moment! Hugs!